Mechengg's Base Building Guide


Mech, what level perch do you have to have to get those attack bonuses? Or is that all based on the rider and armor you have on the perch? Just wondering if I could build a relatively low-level perch and put a high level rider on it and get some decent boosts?


Level 48 rider right now with 5 legendary pieces and 3 epics some of which are upgraded a bit.

Anything under L30 debuffs gear by a %. L1 perch is a 50% debuff, linear scaling to 0% debuff at L30


I think darkflaks should be moved down very low on priority list for anyone around obsidian

Edited for clarity:

  1. if you want to be “ok” ignore above - this is for advanced planning for min-max type of play

  2. this is for future proofing roughly 6 months


I seem to be ok and a dark flak is part of my kill island,


I am in a very low tier but still wondering…
Is it because of too many DF resist dragons or Adaptive Resist dragons ?
Or because of Fomhar? :thinking:


Definitely adaptive resist.
They are putting it on nearly every dragon that comes out these days, they went way too far with it


Well, and there will next be super resist, with 2-3 other premium towers.
I want to see how they play into picture . And I am sure that next season dragons will have adaptive resist as well so :man_shrugging:t2:


Pretty much everything is either got darkflak, adaptive. I don’t think my darks even get to fire on other dragons?

Lets see
Keth - adaptive
Corthanak - dark
Fohmar - yay might fire, probably not
Neptus - nope 1 shot kill before fires
Destar - dark

Thats an awful lot of shards wasted.


I thought that too at first, decided to stick with it on 2 DF in my layout, they just too badass for me to pass. Unfortunately i am slightly concerned as to the benifit of an upgraded IceF…it just doesnt seem to be worth it imo, at least for my main purpose which was the special. Maybe will see it soon i just kinda feel like i could of upgraded a 2nd FF instead and kept IceF lvl 1


Hey Mech, I’m curious about your Riverwatch perch. It looks like you have Kelvin there. Why not a mythic such as Apophet?

About that time, another layout project

I already have Ice gear, so no use in letting it go to waste. I started crafting when each individual item gave a different stat boost to all towers on the entire base instead of this perch area of effect so there was a different optimal strategy back then and ice gave me the best buffs compared to other elements.


What did I just read!!! OMG OMG OMG lol…


Makes perfect sense. What’s your opinion about it now? I’d like to hold out to put Apophet there, but I already have a hard enough time finding shards to level Fomhar’s gear, let alone start a new dark set. Do you think it’s worth it to hold out for the mythic bonus, or is Kelvin sufficient?


I would craft dark gear if i had to do it again to be frank.

It is very much more efficient to get good gear if you breed craft a single element type for both perches so i’d aim to have Apo on the riverwatch as a mythic dark sorcerer bonuses and then stormhiem on the seagazer perch for mythic dark HP increase for my farms. In between these, there are tons of legendary dragons that you can fit to the perches until you reach a good place.

If i was looking for a more long game, I may do wind instead for kinnarus & girasol but you would have to have all Kinn stones and be getting girasol at some point which isn’t usually the dragon you want to go for.


Sorry i dont follow, whats so bad about what i said?


He was shocked that you would question ice flak’s worth.


What Lutrus said… Dont you always tell me to get Ice Flak :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


@mechengg , I’m just curious on your reasons for going with a sorcerer vs a warrior on the riverwatch perch. I initially wanted to use a warrior on my farms and a sorc on riverwatch, but then I changed my mind.
It seems to me that the HP boost would be more beneficial because that affects the attackers ability to kill every single tower whereas the supershot boosts only affect the few towers that are activated with a supershot. Plus, the HP boost is higher (25% vs 15%) and the double supershot is only a CHANCE. Besides, most of the supershots are used on mages and storms and a 15% increase does nothing to those, right?
Am I thinking correctly?
Just curious for your thoughts.


My reasoning is the following:

  • every supershot I use will be on my 5 best towers. So stuns will last longer on my dark flak, the storm tower duration will be longer and dark flak supershot will do way more damage. This stun duration allows me more healing time to spam hammers as well
  • my back 5 towers don’t count since no shots are ever used on them
  • a hance at a second supershot is well worth it, getting that refund can give another supershot for my farms, or up front if the dragon goes down for the next dragon out there. I obviously won’t get that chance with Kelvin but Apo I would be a nice little addition.

I was thinking warrior as well to begin with but the numbers just seemed to be too good for a sorcerer based on my selected towers and their tower level :upside_down_face:

At least that’s my thinking, anyone can provide points in n any other direction for discussion


Supershot stun duration +0.5 seconds and Ice shield supershot HP increases by 25% maybe most precious reasons.
And 15% boost to supershot atk of DF and FF is a lot. If you are talking about HP, in a sense you maybe right, but considering storm will protect DF and FF for sure DF stun may enable extra attack from both DF and possibly 2 extra attacks from FF.