Mechengg's Base Building Guide


I didn’t realize that the supershot increase actually increased the duration of the storm. That being said, if you increase the HP of the storm by 25%, that would kind of have the same effect if not more so because if people can kill your storm right away then it doesn’t matter how long it “could” last, right?
And the fact that ALL of the other towers have that same 25% HP boost means that it takes 25% longer to kill each one so it’s almost like they are delayed by a dark flak supershot every time whether someone is there to activate it or not… Pretty cool imo. Besides, if someone has dark flak resist or if they sand the dark flak before the supershot goes off- that part is negated. But the HP effect is always there. They always have to deal with killing those towers and it always hurts to have to plow through that extra 25%.

More food for thought…


No this doesn’t happen. I rechecked it to confirm. Storm tower shield duration doesn’t increase



Tests you say?


let’s run some tests once again. What say?
rererecheck needed . it might not be too accurate :wink:

edit :Checked and confirmed again. Storm protection duration doesn’t change with sorcerer on perch @mechengg


Good to know.

I will have to reevaluate which one is best then, the HP sounds pretty good now especially with the dark flak tower working less well against top tier dragons with their resists and having to bring other towers into the fold.

EDIT: I’ve swapped around to a warrior for the next bit to see how the results go and if i can feel any appreciable difference in my base. I’ve been hit lots recently in Atlas so going to test through the same venue when I can


Sounds good. Let me know how it goes. I currently have Apophet on there but will swap in Mehaten as soon as I can get him power leveled… :slight_smile:
I will have to start over with armor pieces, but I really only had a couple rares on Apophet. I had just started crafting them when I realized I wanted to change over to a warrior.


FWIW I have kinnarus at the river watch and I’m considering swapping for girasol.

Sorcerer works very well, but it depends on the base owner defending. And on my base the difference maker seems to be defends when I’m asleep…

I have also seen fireflak become almost critical,
Which I believe when combined with higher HP, should be better both when undefended as well as when teammates are defending.

I can also note that the bases I have the most trouble taking down tend to have mythic warriors…

But I too am experimenting.

That being said I routinely have been seeing a new setup that seems to drop even my dragons with bases as small as 300m. (Normally 900m isn’t an issue with 3 defenders). Basically 3 flaks a mythic warrior and atlas rider

For reasons I don’t quite understand they always have blue mage and fire flak in the back, ice flak and dark flak in the front… I would have thought the range of ice made it better for the back. But there is no denying it has forced me to change my attack strategy.


What is the fifth tower?


Red mage in the center


Blue back and ice flak infront to prevent cloaking mage shots, ff in back to get the rain down on destar for the maximum amount of time, and red to prevent freeze cheese.


Hmmm. You are saying the spell lockout from the ice flak supershot prevents cloaking long enough that you can’t dodge the supershots?

Is it still possible with a reduced timing window, or is it effectively impossible to dodge?

I guess I never thought about it like that. I can’t seem to consistently dodge so it’s more of a last ditch effort for me. (I used to be able to do it with Borgian but since I got necryx and neptus the window seems much smaller)


Depends where blue is and which short you’re on. But yes if ice flak hits, you’re gonna get maged.


As far as I can tell (this is HARD to test), sorcerer perches are NOT increasing the dmg from supershots for Flaks (only legacy towers)

I’m trying to get some sort of testing process to test this setup, but its not that easy

  • so take this with a grain of salt for now.


I have my suspicions on this as well.


If this is the case then they should really change their notation lol. I have been expecting +15% to each dark flak shot :thinking:


Perhaps PG can confirm/deny?


wow… I hope you’re wrong, but it wouldn’t surprise me at all if that is the case.


This is being reinforced with this season’s divines it seems. Since you can add

…so now what?

/rant: what was the point of that exercise a few months back in which they asked for community feedback re: changing the dark flak tower? I think if people knew it was going to be neutralized anyhow they might have chosen different options.

Is Oprah working at PG? “You get dark flak resist”


@Arelyna and @PGCrisis
Could you pls do all of us a little favor and get confirmation from the devs on how the special buffs from the legendary/mythic dragons work on the perch (for each dragon class)?

  • Sorcerer
    Are Supershost from ALL Towers (including Flaks) get affected from the +15%?
    What dies the “2 x Supershot 25% Chance” mean? Is this for an active defender (he can use more supershots) or is this for the AI?
  • Hunters -> Tower Attack +10% from ALL Towers (including Flaks)?
    And the detailed mechanic of the 2xAttack 20% Chance
  • Warrior -> Tower HP +15% from ALL Towers (including Flaks and Farms/Mills/Totems)?
    Unfortunately I do not have a mythic Warrior, So I can look up his special …

As I’m relatively new to Atlas I was following Mechs advice and crafted everything I had into Ice gear, as this is the most common Sorcerer Element I will get following my breeding path. If we need to switch to another class, then I would very much appreciate if we could know now.

Thanks in advance for your effort @Arelyna and @PGCrisis, Very much appreciated


@mechengg I know you posted a ss of your defense rider gear somewhere but I can’t seem to find it. Mind posting it again?