Mechengg's Base Building Guide


Here is my excel tracker so you can get an overall snapshot of all pieces and levels in one


Yes it increases HP to all and any tower.


Oh i gotcha, yeah the ice flak is tricky for me… it just depends on the individuals circumstance or preference i guess.

Still, whether or not to have one in layout isnt what i was second guessing…it was the value in upgrading it or not.

Building a fire flak up like u did and still having a lvl 1 ice flak is definitely a strategy to consider for some. Like rage drain lvl 1 mages.


Depends on where its placed but can effectively make it impossible for attacker to dodge mage shots.


Btw ice flak supershot with a rage drain can be dodged with cloak. It depends on what your aim is.

What the ice flak can do on a rage drain:

  • Block the players that are semi-good with dodging rage drains with cloak spell.
  • Mystic Winds cancel
  • Absorb Magic Cancel
  • Invert/Reverse/Summon
  • Bad Self Destruct Users

I use an ice flak in the rage drain, actually, but in Mech/Coach’s situation I don’t see it being worth it. At least not yet. I have never seen anyone leave an ice flak as an anchor.


With ice flak and 2 mages up front? Id love to test this, officially.


Yes any setup as long as mages and ice flak are low lvl


Id love to challenge this if anyone wants to help


Hey cloak, what’s the timing like on the ice flak. Do you have it right up front? Left side or right side?

I can see it firing before the need to cloak comes, then you can cloak after and still dodge the mage shots?


On the river watch perch island, the ice flak supershot will activate immediately. The supershot lasts long enough so you can’t cloak after.


Thank You


Any update on this? Because if it doesn’t impact the supershot, I will,need to change my dragon :flushed:


Well this really feels like something PG should weigh in on.

edited since they’ve already been tagged… :speak_no_evil:


My testing seems to indicate it does work with the supershot damage

  • it is really tricky to test, since you cant quickly swop dragons on perches, nor can you see accurate numbers, and the difference is a mere ~3-4m dmg


the flak stun isnt increased in time
The iceflak lockout isn’t longer
The fireflak ap reduction isnt longer


Thank you


Yeah thats where i place my iceF, riverwatch or mid but drain island iceF can work at lvl 1

Odd about the dark flak stun duration not being increased, fairly certain it was before perch dragon started changing the stats but i wonder if this is intentional or error they might of overlooked


Trebuchet stun is; darkflak stun isnt


Right but doesnt the description of sorcerer say added stun duration not specifically for treb? Like i said im fairly certain it was buffed .5 seconds prior to the update on perch area effect.


The files show its trebuchet, and has been like that for the last 10 odd versions. I cannot find a patch version where it was applied to the flak


Yeah but wasnt the hunter only supposed to buff perch and not towers? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: