Mechengg's Base Building Guide


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Haven’t I told you before to start your own threads for your own defense strategies you want to show? 🤷


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I was about halfway through my update on my guide and work/real life has taken a firm hold of me so I won’t be continuing to update it as of right now.

@moderators if this thread could be closed at this time so it doesn’t require my attention at all that would be fantastic. if at a time in the future I find myself completing an update, I’ll open it back up again


Hope all is well, thanks for all you do.



Hello everybody
What do you think of my base?
How can I improve it?
Thank you.


You could do a rage drain at the front of Long, with 1-2 mages at the front of back 5.
Or if you don’t believe in that, you could put a blue at the end of Long to give you time to setup your short island.


I see, I can do that. And is it good to keep this towers and up ?


Is it good like this ?


Remove the storm and it’s good :+1:t3:


Thank you
I did :grin:


that should work splendid for having the wing have nearly full rage good job


What do you mean gox?


Not a big fan of rage drains on the long - they generally don’t work and can be left for follower. I think your second suggestion of a single blue to buy time to set up the kill isle works better.


the long islands dont work as ragedrain islands, the attacker can kill most of it from far away, and has plenty of time to regain rage


Tnx for the info


What Gox said. Rage drain on the long island … why oh why?
I see some war dragons “VIP’s” doing it though… maybe they know something I don’t.


You can manage to hit dragons with them. So they can have some use. I’m just not a fan. But I’m going to test some different configurations to see.


Oh I hope people keep using it like that :slight_smile: . Fine by me.


Bc the mages are in the front of the long vs at the end, there’s no opportunity to snipe them before they get you in range. I’m not saying it’s undodgeable, the same principles apply as dodging island 6 rage drain, but more often than not (like 85/15) I rage drain the attacker.
What makes a long rage drain even better than a 6 rage drain is that the 2 mages on Island 4 pretty consistently drain corth before he can cast blast on them, so corth (unless it’s harbinger or those mages weren’t loaded), doesn’t last long on my base.