Mechengg's Base Building Guide


Quick question…

I’ve been following Mechs guide since level 1. Followed it to the letter. I’m now 84.5 and need to get to 85. However, all of my Long Island towers require 422,000 lumber to upgrade but I can only hold 420,000. And I can’t uograde storage again until 85.

Have I missed something? Any suggestions on how to get to 85? And any suggestions on base?



Upgrade the red mage on the back of your long? It’s only 22


That’s a really nice base haha. If you have the embers, start building a FF, else just level the red mage up from 22.


Thank you! If I built a FF where would you recommend putting it and which tower would I replace?


Where the front 5 archer is. Unfortunately, there’s no transformation feature, so that archer just goes into storage.


Understood. In your opinion would the net DPS output be worth shelving the archer? I currently have zero towers in storage. I started this account with the intent of minimizing that and building the strongest base possible (learned this the hard way lol).


I think, if he hasn’t started building a second flak, electro flak seems almost strictly better than fire. (More normal damage, supershot does a lot more damage, and it buffs the dark.) Only trade offs are that you don’t get the damage reduction supershot or the explosion.

e: Though a case can be made for either, I don’t claim to have the meta fully solved and optimized, one day after electro flak release. :joy: In his shoes, I’d probably save the embers for a month until people have figured it out.


Yes, flaks are better bc of the near instaneous Damage, and the FF real strength lies in the 50% Damage debuff to the dragon.

Tinsir makes a good point about electro flak, as it will also boost your DF super Damage by 25% and it’s own super is second highest in game.


I haven’t started yet. And I was just about to ask about the electro flak. Based on my (limited) understanding of how it works, it seems a good candidate to place at front whet archer is.

I think I may go that direction. I truly appreciate everyone’s input.


You might want to just upgrade the rear red mage for 85, then wait a month to let others with more resources figure out the comparative merits of electro vs. fire.


That’s great advice. Thanks again.


Yep that’s my plan exactly :grin:


One last question. Per Mech’s guide, I haven’t built either perch. Should I continue that strategy or should I build one?


My level 86 account, in the same position, chose to upgrade the red mage. I’m debating on building an electro flak now.


Mechengg wrote some thoughts on this here, a while ago:

And also wrote a few follow up posts with his reasoning, a little bit after that one.

My thoughts: Tanok means everyone should really, really have a perch. The construction time reduction bonus, despite being insultingly low, is still better than nothing and 100% worth having, so, yeah, definitely get a perch for him, and upgrade it as much as you can until level it’s 30. (It’ll save you 10-40d per fort event, depending on how much research you’ve done and how many speedups you spend.) They also help in feeding events.


Very helpful. I am an atlas player. In light of this I think I’ll build the river perch and get Tanok.


Could use Some tips too, started working on FF


Switch to a micro base so your combat towers get some perch boosts.


Someone else obviously took the base photo for him. There are emeralds there.


Oh. I’m not thinking today :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Nevermind, nevermind. My bad. :t_rex: