Mechengg's Base Building Guide


But the boost only exists while the perch is standing correct?


Perch perks persist post perch-perish.

Perch bonus and abilities duration?

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Guys can I get some advice on my base. The blank spot at front of long is lvl 32 storm tower and other blank is a farm at the back.
I also have a fire flak at lvl 19 and an ice flak at 15 both in storage.


I would wait for any base advise for a solid 2 weeks until the electro flak is evaluated. I would assume at least one of this ice turrets needs to be replaced, but with which flak will be the question.


Yeah that’s what I thought. I have the ability to level my fire flak to 32 (minus the wood) but cant fully evolve a lightning flak due to not enough embers


I have a FF that I’m really happy with and I suspect that it will still prove to affect greater damage over time than the EF, but I’m holding out for opinions and actual data from people better with data and graphs than me


@hellraptor I took a picture with my main​:joy::joy:
Trying to repair the dmg to my main base, but started from scratch to try to do it as it should

What is the microbase advantage compared to leaving the first long island blank.

Do you guys advise this Only for mower lvl’s or Also for high levels


Microbase gets you the seagazer perch buffs on all of your towers vs. only your farms. So you can boost their attack, hp, whatever. Dunno about level recommendations though lol, someone more experienced than I can chime in. Personally I’ve found that moving my base from the first islands to the middle long (which I did around level 90-ish) has really helped. Ten attacking towers at once vs. ten with a break in between to gain rage makes it a little harder for those attackers, I’ve found. Plus, having the rage drain island on a short island vs that middle long is much more effecient. That’s my experience :t_rex:


Hi there.
I am following your Base Building Guide, what a terrific source of info. Once I have established all my towers on the suggested islands, do you have any suggestions regarding the placement of Runes and Glyphs?
I started this from scratch with a new account, so that I can breed according the Red’s guide, and build the strongest base according the your guide.

Thanks for your advice.


With the build event right around the corner again I wanted to follow up on this. Any conclusions on the electro tower vs the fire flak?


I am curious about what changes are recommended as well. Should I replace the front archer and/or ice turret with a fire/ice/lightning flak?


This guide is definitely older and dated at this point. It’s missing two flak towers as well as the perch AOE (it’s like halfway updated to be honest, but i don’t have time to finish and publish).

If i had to give some supplimental details quickly:

  • Dark flaks are down in overall rating. Dark flak & adaptive resist have killed it.
  • Ice flaks are good in overall rating, they can function like a better cannon for getting rid of shields
  • Electroflaks are good and basically can take over for Dark flaks but only if you have 2 other flaks on that island to combo with (fire and ice maybe?)
  • Perches make a huge difference, get yours up to L30 to take full advantage of it’s effects
  • Micro bases aren’t bad anymore, in fact they are debatably similar to having a riverwatch perch and the standard style setup as above
  • If you are a spender, it’s definitely advisable to switch out your archer and cannon for other flak towers for the main 5 towers on your island, but i’d still hold off and only build 1 flak if you are still a lower level. You won’t be able to sustain it’s leveling requirements of shards as you level


Mech this is very helpful. Thank you for the response. As I am a lower level (96), would you recommend replacing my dark flak (front island) with either fire/ice/electro at this time or leave it and replace my front archer tower with either fire/ice/electro? And if it makes a difference, I have a legendary FF Frenzy Glyph.

photo C7007556-D431-47C7-8525-BA295AA80E12.jpeg


Wow! Thank you for the detailed response, Mech. I’m currently only level 33 so the mext building event will be the start of my jump to your established base layout. I probably only have the opportunity to add a single extra flak, and with that in mind would it be more advisable to replace the cannon with Ice Flak or the archer with Fire/Ice/Electro? The Ice Turret on the back long is still a definite keeper?


Can you elaborate on that a wee bit more? Thanks :+1:


You should really focus on the part where he says micro bases aren’t bad anymore before you jump to the established design. I’m not sure that’s the ideal move anymore. As a matter of fact, I just spent 6k rubies moving runes to set up a micro base.

Edit… ofc I see Mech is replying now. So I guess he’ll make any corrections. Lol



With the riverwatch perch equipped, there is a guaranteed war anchor. This is bad, but in my setup with 45%ish health and attack, i can typically heal through the spells and initial attacker with only 1 building going down. The backer also then is able to gather 2 or so rage to use more spells on me. Not ideal.

For a Micro base setup, you are able to put just 2 blue mages at the end of your long middle island, and it prevents hunters from cloaking over the mages, and doesn’t leave a war anchor for the follower. However, you do run into the issue that you have no rear support towers if the first 3 towers (mage specifically to drain more rage) you have are disabled on that island, taking away 60% of your bases defense with a single spell use. That is still the problem i have with it, but it may only be for certain dragons like noc and fom since they have a spell they can cast then swap immediately before being hit. For other dragons, the need for the backer to have no rage is very high, so that they can’t use spells like spell flux or vines, so not leaving the war anchor is required.

Both have their pluses and minuses. I’ll be keeping my base this way while my teammates are changing theirs over. Both have been shown to take down dragons well above their tier level and player level, so as a whole i think we are all happy with our layouts.

Will i debate a micro base for myself? Probably not with my current towers. Probably not with the way i’m planning on leveling up. Probably not with the way my runes are placed currently. My plan is to level from 220 all the way up to L60 towers all at once and building another flak all over the course of a very short time so with more than 5 level 60 towers i think it’s still best to keep them all together, especially if they act like L64 or L65 towers :wink:


Is DF stun usage still relevant?


Until harbinger yes.
Harbinger+, not really.