Mechengg's Base Building Guide


Hey bro great guide - still reading through it but a couple of points:

  • thunderstorm is now red so you’ll need to change your references to it (e.g. see pg 12 under blue mage)
  • fire turret, while projectile, is still blocked by elemental barrier

Questions for you:

  • on long middle setup #2, why not have flak up front due to it short range? You could set it up as Blu, flak, red, storm, ice (Z pattern from front L to Back R)
  • I’ve found that a fire or ice turret on the front R (defender perspective when facing the attacking dragon) of back half of middle long can obscure the tower on the back R from being targetted - is this something you have considered? e.g. putting the fire flak front R and red mage back R?

I’ve made this mandatory reading for the team - thanks!! :+1:


#2 is actually my preferred setup :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: You can’t place the storm kitty-corner from the flak on the long island - it won’t reach. This setup is to further protect the flak for heavily defended bases while adding the punch of the ice up front and the extra HP on the flak from the ice should the storm fall. The few extra taps required on the flak with the ice HP boost gives time to hammer. Additionally, having the red not in the front three helps a lot with Noctua. Oh you somehow had rage? Here let me just suoershot you again with my live red


Just a general observation, tower height impacts 5 vine chances. Small towers in the centre of a 5 cluster is like Christmas.


We are not yet Noc level. And DF right in front of storm protects it. And Ice will protect storm for a shot extra. I would prefer quick stun as soon as dragon enters the island range than giving it a chance to sand or kill it relaxedly when its in center. That’s my thought and mine with DF Blue front and red in middle works fine for me.


@mechengg awesome guide, coach’s posts already put me on the right path mostly, but I really appreciate having more of the reasoning behind some of the tower placement choices.

I have a question about the rating of the fire turret though. I was planning to upgrade mine for the back half of my long island (only 55 so still upgrading there), but looking at the tower ratings you give it would be much better to upgrade my second archer and bench the fire turret on the home island somewhere. I always had the impression fire turrets did a lot more damage than archers, is that simply not true?


I’m new to the form. Where is your guide located to view? I would like to read it



click that link and it will take you to pdf to read


I actually use this setup on all my accounts, haha. I definitely also like the #1 setup too (dark flak in front) and think it’s probably more versatile than the #2 (my fave) and that’s why mech has them listed as such - 1 and 2. I was just trying to answer grumpy as to why it existed.


You raise good points. I’m gonna give it a go and see what happens… Cue complaints in LC about defending in pvp but I DON’T CARE! :joy:


Damn you @mechengg. I have to shift thru your thesis in base design layout. :joy:
Great work though :+1:


Wouldn’t one problem with making the blue mage unprotected by the storm be that an attacker could equip an invincibility shield on their hunter and use it successfully? They can burst fire the mage, and use the shield even when out of rage so they can destroy the flak and the storm at leisure. Then a dragon like avyx can come in behind and wreck everything else with talon frenzy, or maybe an equipped havok spell on any other hunter.


Thank you @TheRedDelilah for doing some explaining for me. I’ve been having issues where both my work and home computers can’t load the forums properly so everything has to be done from my mobile device which I struggle with responding to each and every message properly.

@Xexamedes fire turrets provide larger damage per shot, but the time between shots is so long that if you averaged the damage out over time it’s not the “double the Archer damage” that most people used to think it was. It is also way easier to avoid the damage which is why it’s rated as such. That being said, I know they are discussing changes so this may eventually have to be updated with the new info

@DerangedSkrill yes and no. That blue is definitely the weak point of the setup, however the second blue right behind the halfway mark only allows the shield for a very short duration before cancelling it. That’s why I think it’s very important for the second blue mage to be there. As for follower dragons, it typically won’t have enough rage for talon frenzy or anything since the first guy will be bombarded with mage shots the entire time he is flying


So what about equipping havok?


Great stuff! Enough explanation as to reasoning, without being so long you lose the reader. I really like the tower level charts based on base level. Without divulging too much - how did you determine these? Was this based on some formulas, theorizing/testing, or a little of A, and a little of B?


Just skipped over it as I need more time to read and fully understand it. :grin:

I am very very impressed by your outstanding work!
Thanks a million for your work!


Equippable havoc could work for an attacker for part of the duration, it’s certainly possible to get a little bit of use from it. DPS down the blue mage while being hit, then hit havoc and dps down the storm then others. Just seems like a bit of a tight timeframe to get everything done in while being hit and stunned 🤷

@ItsJustJoe it was a long process. I used my fortification planner from level 0 and just started upgrading towers virtually one at a time to see where the gating mechanisms would hold me back. I knew they existed just wasn’t sure how few towers you could build at one stage or another. Then simply kept upgrading and adding towers as required. I had to go back a few times and change which towers I added at which stages to keep the tower attack power high enough at the starting levels for it to be effective but yeah it was testing theory and learning, then a reapplication of the results


Excellent guide! Thanks for sharing all your hard work.

What would you suggest for the level of the red mage on the farm island? Does it have to be highly leveled to take some hits, or a disposable just to get off a supershot before it is killed?


I disagreed with your thinking on the perch too, to me it is a better investment than storing buildings. That being said, to make good use of it will cost you money. I think you should simply reframe that bit as “if you are not willing to spend…” and include the high-roller perch option for the Rockefellers. Nice work on this.


Truly excellent work. Thank you

Must have been a Labour of love :grin:


I’m only a shrimplet in the scheme of things, but I bit the bullet and deconstructed my base to your magic Archer, Cannon, Ice Turret, Storm and Mage towers. It has also given me a goal for my level. It was initially scary to put all my midrange builds in defense but well worth the risk! I have had more victories than usual, and the defeats, despite being losses are really cool to watch on the replay.
I really appreciate your knowledge, strategic thinking and more importantly, your time. It is really kind of you to share so much, I love reading your research.