Mechengg's Base Building Guide


If a player is replacing 1 turret with a Flak, which turret with which specific flak would ypu recommend?


This is my current setup. I’m considering a micro base, but I’m reluctant to spend rubies to move my runes and glyphs.

I’m following Red’s Icicle 1, and (finally) got enough sapphire eggs to upgrade my builder hut this event. Will try to get the kill island, farms and mills maxed next fort. Is there anything in particular I should change?

I have a lot of ember.

I also have a level 34 seagazer perch.

Thank you in advance.


@mechengg what class of dragon do you use for your perch? All of the mythic bonuses look pretty decent on paper, but I have no idea if they actually work as advertised. I’d like to plan ahead a bit on who will be on my perch later when picking an element for my defensive armor.


Just read up and saw that it was already discussed here, looks like warrior is the most reliable choice with the sorcerer bonuses not working on all towers.


I would suggest people reading this to use Coaches guide, its better.

Base Building Guide from lvl 1 to ∞ by Coach

LOL, I see what you did there…




Sadly you didn’t use either…


bases are for suckers!

Plus i build my base long before your damn guides existed lol

I gave up on it well over a year ago when i stopped spending lol


Luckily I’m better at flying then building bases.


i like my “mediocre at best” ability at both lol

(my favorite Panda quote)


New to this how do I download the link or find it I’m currently on my cell

#406 not sure why it’s not clickable in the original post.


Hi, i’d like some advise on my base setup. Currently my kill island has Red, blue, storm and DF. They are all level 32 and one archer level 31. I am thinking of replacing the level 31 Archer with a level 31 ice turret from the island behind. Is this set up better than my current one? Pls advise. I am level 118 btw. Thanks.


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