Mechengg's Base Building Guide


Hey man, this is my current base ( no runes added , becuse them are on islands behind, i re-loyout my base 2-3 days ago , i want move them but I have to spend 1500 gems for every mythic rune 0.0 ).
What do u think about it ?? I know, its all elemental dmg but but there is the “rage drain island” for a reason :wink:
I prefer this combo Storm + Dark / Fire Flaks + both mages ofc, because its much more aggressive and kill the dragon more faster then the classic setup Storm/Ice towers + Dark Flak.
The towers are all lv 31/32 ( (excluding the Rage Drain Island,those are lv10/11). With the next fortification event, I intend to upgrade the first 5 towers as much as possible !!


Sorry this isn’t the place for me to give custom base advice.


If you have an existing perch absolutely go for it :+1:
With a new base build you won’t have any towers in storage ever, so comparing a perch to towers in storage isn’t very relevant. You could have to compare subtracting levels from towers on your base to levels you put into the perch which is where it become a balancing act.

If you don’t have Atlas, therefore don’t have a perch rider then a perch will be useless because of the small % HP it adds to farms.

If you have Atlas, you will need good perch rider and good perch rider gear for it to be effective to have one. So taking a dip in tower levels in the 150+ range might very well be worthwhile to get a level 11+ perch.


My Perch is lv28 and there is on it Kaiju ( +15% HP to towers, that isn’t bad). Anyway, i still dont understand why long island should be better. I watched many replays and my Perch island can kill a lot of dragons while my long island cant kill the same drags. My “real” base was this

I dont like the long island just because the first 5 towers dont hits all at the same time, insted the Perchs island can. For me Perch island is still better. Explain me pls why the 2nd loyout (2nd screenshot) should be more effective


Second layout allows your rage drain to work properly. Putting your kill island on the small isle means your rage drain needs to be on the back half of the middle long - they can be destroyed before they can fire off their supershots in that position.


Nah, ill put “the rage drain”, where the first 5 towers of the long island are located. @Grumpybigbird
However, I still do not understand why the long island should be more effective. I mean, the first 5 towers of the long island will surely be weaker than the same 5 towers on Perch Island and they will also shoot right away.
On long island the dark flak needs 1-2s before starting to shoot, is really bad. In my country there is a saying " chi mena per primo, mena due volte" (Who hits first, hits twice). Also, on Perch Island the Storm / Ice shields will protect all towers. So again 1 time, WHY long island is more effective? Thx @mechengg
Pls explain to me why long island should be better.
Ps. Right now my Perch Island killed a sage lv28 while before a Sage lv21 has swept away the long island


You obviously know everything so keep your base the way you want :+1:


Mmh cmon man, i read the guide but still dont understand. Why long island should be better then Perch island? Thx @mechengg


Long island is better in the sense that there are 10 attacking towers the attacker needs to face. At some point in the run all 10 towers could be in play if they’re all still alive. 10 towers hitting the dragon better than 5 no?

Also putting your rage drain on the front of middle long means they got time to regain rage as they cruise thru the rest of the long isle then turn onto your short. So if you have a nec running your base, then with one rage it can shield, with 2 rage it can disable your blue and flak also. Once it’s got past your small isle the rest of your base is fair game - then the follower can just mop up.


Ok i understood but 1 or maybe 2 question pls :grimacing: why my long island cant kill a sage lv22 while my Perch island killed a sage lv28? ( was the same loyout storm + fire/dark flaks)… Also, ingame the bonus from Perch isnt so bad ( Legendary Sorcerer are amazing during the wars)


Great job on the information and explanations behind the decisions. I agree with nearly all of your choices and reasoning, and the only area I’m not totally convinced on is mostly opinion on which setup is slightly better, with no “wrong” choice. (ie using Archer on the back of your core island). I get why you like that setup, and having never actually tested this with full level towers, take my opinion as what it is (just an opinion).

But I believe the best layout for your core 5 towers would likely be Blue Mage (front), Dark Flak (front), Red Mage (middle), Storm (back), Cannon (back). Immediately followed by 2 archers on the back half. This allows you an abundance of physical damage to top off your elemental heavy build up front. The cannon offers decent DPS (certainly less than the Archer would), but the added ability to break white shields means that all towers will be doing full damage, not just the archer tower(assuming elemental barrier). And as soon as they pass the threshold for those back archers to kick in, it’ll be a short flight. Also if you have the appropriate research, the cannon will also allow defenders to refund several shots if it actually breaks a shield.

In the back half I would also put a blue mage in the middle instead of your third DPS tower. Anyone who makes it that far and has managed to generate enough rage will be immediately attempting to shield. Having a blue mage in the middle is going to break that shield sooner allowing your front archers to output more damage before the attacking dragon can recover.

Anyways, that would be my approach and theory. I would probably toss a Cannon and Red mage as the last two towers, red mage for a last second rage drain and to help protect from AOE spells, and the cannon to help regain super shots if possible before they pass the main island.


Where can I find Red’s review for the guide?


wierd question


Curious as to what this means to be honest?? Quite confused really


Red is the leader of Rulith. Mech is on Rulith:


I was confused I read your post wrong sorry about that lol but anyways nice post I’ve been waiting for something like this


Won’t Equestor blow the rage drain island before the mages shot their supershot?


No (10 character crap)


Thanks mecchengg for all your work, I’m fixing my base using your guide :+1: So far it’s proving its worth :blush:


From my experience,

  • Ive found that double flak plus double mage and storm definitely the most powerful combo to be on front mid, also with 2 more high dps like fire and ice on back mid with both mages again and even another storm. It is highly effective to say the least.

  • 2 mages minimum required on 1st short island with 3 being optimal. 1st short for attacker IS the most effective spot to ensure opponent is drained of all rage. This is also a tricky spot to have a storm as any dragon with say vine spell would love a storm taking up one of those 5 spots. High dps is safe. (This will also be the most effective place for the new ice flak when it arrives.)

  • Dark flak is better at the front of all islands in nearly all situations, exception being at the back of a short island but in the 1st of the 2 back spots capable of firing its super. Must be protected by storm tower and is to simply stun dragon and be a threat to its survival with high lvl res buildings up front.

  • Scorch islands hold attacker advantage therefore only reliable for rapid projectile towers to persuade spells to be cast while costing nothing in supershot ammo.(BIG LVLS ONLY)

  • Home island holds defender advantage in the fact that towers still attack when dragon is directly above them.

  • DPS on mid is of course most important to focus on leveling higher first.

  • Storm towers follow then Mage towers become important. Mages need to be strong but not necessarily strongest if focusing solely on the defended match and considering all undefended as a gimme. Some mages could even serve their purpose at lvl 1.

-not tryin to step on ur toes mech, just thought this info might help someone or spark an interesting debate…1 of the 2 is enough for me to say it :slight_smile: