Mechengg's Base Building Guide


@mechengg Very nice work on this guide! Thanks for passing along your base knowledge. Cheers! :beer:


Back to the drawing board with my base I guess. My 45 Flak was awesome for a while. Thanks Mech. Hope your base is still defend-able, mine is a shell of its former self.


Me too buddy. The new ‘balance’ is that all non maxed bases are now crap lol


Yeah… my base is getting raped as well


Wasn’t it always like that? Ijs


Depends on perspective.


Why you did change your response?

Max base for the players level! Not max base overall.


I was joking, but I thought you might not take it that way.


Are you saying you’re OK with this re-balancing Coach? Just curious as to your position. I don’t remember whether I saw you comment amongst the thousand posts in the re-balance thread.


This guide was awesome pre update. Might as well have 40 ballistas post update, does about the same amount of damage give or take. Lol.


It is definitely a detriment to everybody’s bases. It is bad! I’m not a fan of it, but I remember the threads about rebalancing the flaks and turrets.

I remember getting heated in those threads because people don’t know what they are talking about and this is what we get. No I do not know if that was the driving factor in this change and I’m definitely not putting this on the community. I solely put this on PG for letting everybody have voice in this matter.

I remember low levels crying how they need to be heard and they know what’s good for the game. Now i see those same “plebs” crying about how the game is ruined.

PG’s fault 100% letting everybody have a voice.

Again, they are the ones making those changes and quite frankly they are terrible.

As far as the balancing goes, yeah I’m not a fan of it but I do not think it’s as bad as people make it seem. Yeah it’s because I have towers over level 50… which makes only my supershots nerfed…

So i guess i am biased towards it. I wish it would go back to the way it was, it will only change my building method a little bit.

Sad days though… I’ve always said storm tower and mage towers are most important towers in game, everybody that didn’t listen and focused on building towers that give you great points in Fortification events now suffer… oh well, live and learn.


Hey guys,

I would recommend a slow down on building until this tower balancing gets sorted out. We don’t really know where tower power will end up, so it’s all up in the air right now.

That being said, if you have a shitty shitty base layout, this guide will still help you quite a bit both with theory as well as basic arrangements. Sure towers may change a bit, a swap of a few towers may be required depending on how things go, but I’m expecting the overall amount of towers, the islands they occupy and some basic defensive towers (mages, storm, Archer) to be relatively the same.

I wouldn’t put many player levels on just yet, but upgrading the odd mage or storm or Archer should be an OK tactic until this all gets flushed out

I hope…





That’s what I’m doing - mages, storm, ice and archer as a priority.

I am aiming for the legendary HM glyph tho, so I may have to level my flak and fire also, but otherwise I’d be leaving them alone.


@Firebadger69 here’s the guide I was talking about :blush:


Just wanted to say badass name :+1:":astonished:":new_moon_with_face::speaking_head::angry::japanese_ogre:⚕:up:️:100::interrobang:️:sos:️

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Thanks! U like Dragon Ball?


Couldnt agree more. Plus the archer resist and invert projectile can be easily crafted and equipped. Its like archer is a free tower. I would even suggest that cannon may have been better just to break shields (not relying on dps).


Very helpful. Thank you❤️


Personal experience software just needs to be updated to newest version is all :stuck_out_tongue: