Mechengg's Base Building Guide


thx for your precious job guy, unfortunatly, you don’t speak about : buff from runes and glyphes, buff from research, but from 30% bonus (not important). Maybee in a next update


It has the longest range in the game and they’re changing the supershot speed to be near instant.
And you only get 2 sands if it’s defended at best.


Does that mean that mabe those who don’t have a dark flack yet should consider going for a ice flack instead ?


No, the principle of Dark flak is high damage and stun. Its still most important damage tower.
Ice flak has long range, low damage and supershot which can block any spell from casting and negate current effects of spells. Its fundamental purpose gives it a place in top 10 towers maybe, but it cannot replace DF.


No, DF is best. Ice flak takes the place of a cannon bc it can stop empowering/white spells as well (mystic winds, fury, frenzy, chaos etc).


The supershot range is short. The normal shot range is long.

I get defended it will present problems. My usual move is pre cast sand, take out the mage and flak with first sand then cast sand again immediately and fire at the 3 front towers of the back half. Works sometimes… :joy:


So i already have 2 near Max cannons, do I drop 1 or where do I put the 2nd when I switch to the Long Island model


I recommend you read Mechengg’s base building guide in OP to get more clarity of how bases work. If you still have doubts, please ask away here.


I have nearly maxed out for Lvl 38 2 cannons and 2 storms, and as I understand the 2nd Archer is mostly just for getting lvls so would it be best not to build that in my case? So mabe i could put a fire flack instead so that when I use shards it won’t weaken my base by not using a upgraded tower.
With the storm, wouldn’t it be a more defensively strong to have a big storm and tiny mages as the drain island?


You don’t put anything else but mages on a rage drain. Have your big storm protecting your dark flak.


Also, at lev 38, you unlock ice turret


Why not? If you want them to survive long enough for supershots to activate you need some sort of defence or for them to be comparable lvl to towers on longer bases. And 1 big storm is probably cheaper than 5 medium sized mages. If you have the storm it shouldn’t matter if the mages are lvl 1 as far is I can see


The idea is you don’t want them to survive. They’ll fire off in time.

If you put a storm there attacker will just use it to regain rage.


Iv killed may a rage island with low lvl mages quickly enough that they don’t activated the supershot, if I had to deal with a storm I would take too long and be bombarded with supershots. Is that just something that is avoided with skill?


Ah ok. Here on the forums, when we talk about base design, it is always in the context of it being actively defended.


I’m talking about defended but often a bit laggy


See video in link above. Level 1 mages defended.

I’ve only ever seen one person kill all mages before they fire off and he’s an awesome pilot. And was using Noc. No other dragon can do it.

Mage supers can also be avoided by good pilots but they’re few and far between


Hmm must have been lagg, cause I saw the supershots go to their ready state as I killed them


It is possible to shoot fast enough to kill the mages coming out of the turn. It is really hard to do, however, and often one supershot will get through. However, this is not crippling.

And I am not a good pilot, either.


And I’m not a great pilot