Mechengg's Base Building Guide


As you said before, lag kills rage drain island often. The base is still pretty strong with potential 6 towers attacking you back to back than 3 towers in case of short island which makes this layout better.
If you had high level storm, attacker still kills all mages before storm gets activated due to lag in a similar case. And then the attacker has to just tank through storm tower and get rest of the base. In that case, follow can collect rage again. So imo, storm still doesn’t make sense.


I’ve practiced on my alt so many times I’ve lost count and always some mage supers get fired. I kill them fast enough to cloak in time but never fast enough to kill before they fire. I’ll try again though.


Iv seen quite a few comments earlyer in this thread that say stuff about how it has not a lot of defence, is that true in most cases and so mabe put 2 storms on the Long Island would be an equally good base as following this guide and having a pretty big storm in storage?


Start a new thread then put your base idea in there and we can critique it.


Iv created it, called it improving my base design


What’s the best way to take down a base that’s kill island follows the improving your current base section of this guide? I have equestor, Leo, and amarok as my top 3 drags


Use equestor first and swipe the mage towers once and then queue bolt before you get hit by mages, but don’t use it.
Go around the turn and use bolt on the middle island, swapping either right before you die or before you get maged. Eq’s familiar will continue attacking mages during the swap animation, so there should be no to few mages left, use leos to them go through and take out flak and whatever else. If he dies and there are still damage towers use rok, else lvl 1 ember.


Nice guide. You put a lot effort in.
Wish I found this sooner, though I’m not that far off.

I’m at level 35 with 2 maxed archers and a storm tower.
But I already have 3 cannon towers, 2 maxed and the 3th close to being maxed for my level.
My mages still need work.

Would you suggest to keep leveling those extra cannons ?
Or just have them sit in my storage as they are ?


Well generally 1 tower of each type is enough. Only lightning towers worth the x2 x3 but i dont recommend them because an attacker can even put a Lightning resist. Im explained? Upgrade only 1 cannon (archers are a bit usless) and starts to build dark flak as soon as u can. Fire and Ice Flak are great too but Dark Flak is your first goal. At your level u can build on the first Perch’s Island and upgrade only these 5 towers. A good combo can be Storm + Cannon + Dark Flak and ofc both mages. If u wanna increase your lv just continue to upgrade 1 Red and 1 Blue Mages and Storm,thats all. When u can, starts to build (and focuson it) a Dark Flak @Dreacarys


Did you even read the guide?


You can’t entirely avoid leveling some of those, you’ll need to max out some extra towers at low level before you can start elemental towers.

For the longer run, I’d keep maxing one storm, one cannon, one archer, and put all your other energy in mages. Definitely max two blues and two reds as well. Only leveling those seven towers should be about enough until you can get elemental towers, at that point you can build an ice turret and dark flak too.

Later you’ll mainly max your best five towers only (generally two mages, dark flak, storm, and one other) but you’ll still need to level one or two of the others to level up enough for the next storage or builder upgrade until level 100 or so (not sure, not there yet myself).


Dio has his own ideas re base building… Most of which are… :man_shrugging:


I respect Mech and his tremendous contribution for community.
But I agree with Dio that in current state canon is better than archer for its ability to break shield specially for classic setup of. Middle Long Island + rage perch island + farm perch island. Of course logic changes when we go beyond 3 island.


If this boils down to a few people arguing over if an Archer or cannon would be slightly better I think my guide has done it’s job of teaching basics, theory and getting people actively critically thinking about their setups.



You don’t want so many breaking shields . Only one is enough . And in present scenario, ice flak is better than cannon :man_shrugging:t2:
Archers are useless? :joy::joy::joy:


How about archer killing Necryx straight off


That was i mean. Whats the point to build an archer when u can build a fire flak, ice flak, fire turret etc?
If i have 6 combat towers ( on long island), why should i build an archer? Storm Dark Fire is a must. Ice and Fire turret is a must too. The 6* should be a Cannon or an Ice Flak. Archers are usless, yes. U have archer? oh look i have 206 archer resist.


If you are starting a brand new base, you will need that second archer to get your player level up to certain thresholds before you can advance further.


Need to be level 456 to have DF and level 55 to have the other 2 flaks.


Bless your heart.