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Archer is good but canon role is here not as dps tower but shield break. For dps you already have those flaks and turrets. Also it is very easy to equip archer resist.

Agree with ice flak. I would personally prefer to level up my lvl 35 canon instead of creating new ice flak using costly embers. Ice flak is meant for new base setup or further extension of existing good base.

Thats my opinion and I could be wrong. Still learning this game :wink:


Cannons are actually better for overall primary damage dealt, primary stats are higher as well as its reload and projectile rate being faster. Archers have a greater special that is roughly the same difference as cannon primary is to archer primary. Lightning towers are actually best, its just so many good dragons have Lt resist, part of the reason they are so good…bc Lt resist is the ONLY resist worth equipping before battle. Anything else is less efficient than the alternative woyld be in most all situations.


I’m actually not sure if anything you just said is true lol. Anybody have some game files to back this up one way or the other? @SavageAFforPG


I can check. My initial thought is archers are better. Cannon is good because of shield break.


Ur right, i was wrong, but barely.

I simply got the special and primary mixed up.

Even so, im not even 50 off from being correct. And with their projectile rate im fairly sure at least im right…maybe lol


Let’s see what it looks like at a variety of different levels, towers can definitely change over time and levels :slight_smile:


Hmmm im glad we are discussing this bc i factored in the extra 10% from roder reasearch for cannons but didnt think of the archer hp buff from rider. So im more wrong than i thought still.


I was just about to ask that also


Yeah Savage can get the BASE numbers before research and also includes projectile speeds. Every 10 levels or so to compare?

I have a sneaking suspicion that archers are a slightly faster projectile speed, along with a ~+15% dps or so.


Hmm could be, reason i thought differently was bc cannons always seem to die faster when their projectiles are inverted on invader.

It could be their placement though.


Because necryx, the most widely available lead dragon out there currently will just cruise by and go :stuck_out_tongue: at all your towers.


Archers fire more frequently I’m pretty sure. And their base damage is higher than cannons. Cannons are closer now because PG buffed their supershot. Otherwise they’ll lag behind archers much more.


After reasearch and gear, cannons have +15% more primary attack buff than archers and at least +5% more hp buff which would appear that cannons are 3% less primary attack and hp than archers with around 60%* less special attack than archers.

Let me know if anything i forgot. Just made a correction

Base Building Guide

Please put your thoughts in a logical thought out comparable fashion. I cannot follow any of that unfortunately nor will I attempt to lol.

Show me the BASE numbers
Show me each of the buffs that can be applied
Show me how this scales through the levels

You are trying to take one snapshot of data based on a certain set of buffs and compare them as equals which doesn’t seem right to me


Show me the MONEYYY.

Wait, what’re we doing?


As shown above.

As shown above for cannons.

Archers have 5% hp defender rider research and max gear buff of 15% attack.

I dont have this info, you told me you knew someome who has access to that… so not much more i can do unless you need help operating calculator.


It’s 45 for dark flak.

I’ll take a crack.

All my information is lifted from the game data files for the current version.

Archers do base 1.2 attacks per second at all levels, cannon do 0.67. Before research, they have the same projectile speed (32). From research, archers gain 5% bonus to attack speed, twice, whereas cannon gain 50% projectile speed to their supershots. Archers have a slightly short attack duration than cannon (0.9s vs. 1.0s), but this is compensated by the fact that they have a longer launch duration (0.3s vs 0.03s), so 1.2s vs 1.03s total to turn to face the dragon and wind up.

DPS of normal shots is exactly the same pre-research below level 50 towers, after which point archers pull ahead by about 7% at level 60.

Breakdown at different tower levels:

Raw attack, Cannon Attack, Archer Attack
Level 10: 6517 vs. 3639
Level 20: 25412 vs. 14188
Level 30: 124319 vs. 69411
Level 40: 333742 vs. 186339
Level 50: 896045 vs. 500292
Level 60: 1468257 vs. 882809

Canon DPS, Archer DPS:

Level 10: 4366 vs. 4366
Level 20: 17026 vs 17026
Level 30: 83293 vs. 83293
Level 40: 223607 vs. 223607
Level 50: 600350 vs. 600350
Level 60: 983732 vs. 1059370


This is where archers pull ahead. Cannon supershots only do ~100.5% of the cannon’s normal attack, whereas archer supershots do ~350%. Cannon have research available that buffs supershots by 10%, archer research buffs theirs by 15%.

(Disclaimer: Didn’t graph it, but I did eyeball points along the curve and the ~100%/350% supershot ratios seemed consistent.)

Obviously, cannon supershots break shields, and the green research gives supershot ammo refill from breaking a shield with a cannon.

Additional modifiers:

Archers gain a 4% research bonus to their attacks that is not also available to cannon. It’s in the primary top research branch.

I see a heightAttackBonusPercentage which is 25 for archer towers and 0 for cannon. I have no idea what this does, likely nothing. If anyone wants to put an archer tower on a hill and see if that makes it just kill everything in the world, let us know how that goes.


Cannon and archer base attack damage is the same, assuming you are facetanking every single shot over a long period of time, like a stone cold badass. Archers will do slightly more damage in that scenario due to having an extra research upgrade, but supershots are where archer towers significantly pull ahead in damage.


Very nice thank you, ill finish looking at the data u presented when i finish driving

Ah i see archers are in fact faster due to research, good to know! Great work u did. Ill finish looking in a bit

Also 4% specific archer buff from main research…sorry making notes while i multi task.

Hmmm not able to remember this, ill have to find this cause i swear i would of remembered. Unless ur referring to the gear which archers max attack gear is 15% and cannons 20%…but the mainline research pretty much offsets the difference there.


HIGHLY curious about this. Definitely gonna see if it deals higher damage when placed on one of the back spots. Highest being the last spot on home base in the back left from attackers view.


Did i miss any?
Nvm just checked @Tinsir info and edited.

It was mentioned archer speed goes up +5% twice? :thinking: @Tinsir?

Then this? :thinking:
Another 9%+ buff to attack speed. Which btw what speed? Projectile speed or reload speed or both?