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They no longer function.

Many moon ago, I’m the bottom left corner, if you tapped on a tower, there would be some display text telling you about the tower.

Archer towers used to do more damage when placed in higher locations. But this is not the case any longer.


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Some roughdrafts


I feel like they are missing so much opportunity tbh, pg, but then again my preferences rarely have matched that of the masses lol


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I do not remember well, but the Ice Flak Supershot can disable / cancel a casted spell? For example, a dragon uses “Elemental Barrier” or "Invincibility Shield"or “Mystic Wind” etc, right after that, he is hit by the Ice Flak Supershot. Will there spells be disabled or or will they continue to work ?? I hope I explained myself


Good question lol…ive only been hit by it while flying spindra…or at least noticed.

Starbursts…juicy contradiction

Ur asking if that since it is elemental type attack, but the towers special implies all spells


Yes, it’ll cancel active spells and disable spells for a short duration


Have u tested or something else ?? thx


He is one of the few whose word id take before testing myself.


It’s in the release notes and I’ve tested it.


You know we cant read…


It’s funny bc he just posted in the ice flak thread before his question…


im mad so u know,I’m unpredictable :sweat_smile:


Ok so this just happened and i think my laugher broke so i didnt know what to do and here i am.

Just too much a cliche i think.


Height attack bonus is an old code I believe that isn’t around anymore. Used to be higher attack for archers specifically on small islands. Hasn’t been around for a long while



Lol, he/she vined the archers and didn’t dodge mage supershots…


Lol, you are very observative. They didnt save perch to build rage either, im surprised u didnt mention that as well. Could easily make it impossible for anyone to dodge mage shots also…


And killed the perch :man_facepalming:


You can actually vine that island without the mages going off at all. I’ve seen it live before when someone ran Coach on a stream with Noc.