Mechengg's PvP Event Planner

Well, i have one more for you guys & gals to use.

This one is for ESTIMATING your points and your overall PvP resources and managing them. You can adjust a ton of different factors on the sheet to adjust how many packs vs inner fires you will need to reach your goals, and where to hit (PvE vs PvP) to get the best bang for your buck.

As always there is probably implementation errors, so let me know what i mucked up this time and hopefully it’s minor and can be fixed quickly.

I have not included Wildfire in here, use that as a conservation factor

Here are some screenshares from it so you can see what is basically required to reach the final team prizes. I believe all items are self explanatory, but as usual i’ve included a user guide for it if you have questions on how to fill it out.

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where is the link

LOL the only thing you guys need :see_no_evil:


You’ve been busy Mech!


Quite lol.

I made this planner originally for Red to plan out our PvP events to make it not so cumbersome and help our teammates hit our team minimums. But figured the whole community could use it :slight_smile:


And this is one of the many reasons you’re the bestest Mechcat :heart_eyes:


I wasn’t even trying for a mythic but thanks to this planner, I figured out I can finish discount dragon in the first two weeks. :slight_smile:

Edit: I posted this on the wrong thread but I’ll leave it here cause you’re still amazing. :slight_smile:


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If someone wants to take this over, PM me and download a copy from above, link and modify in a new thread to maintain.


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