Mechengg's Rider Gear Worksheet

Hey All,

You probably all know how much i like tools and planning, well here is another fun one for ya. It’s to help you both track your gear progress as well as see which riders would be suited for which dragons you have. It’s fully customizable for the progress you have made so far on your own riders and gear for each slot on them, just edit the tables and you are off to the races.

Comes with a set of instructions for use on top of the calculator tab, and i’ve locked it all down so you don’t change some things i have hidden in the grey areas :eyes:

Here is what my current plan is looking like, and I hope it’s super easy and friendly to use. I don’t have Noctua yet but when i do i’m excited :smiley: :smiley:

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You’re a stud. :muscle:


Few small personal tweaks

  • Formatting for Stats now are “+44.5%” instead of just “44.5”
  • Text changed from defense to HP
  • Season & Veteran gear is added as “S” and “V” respectively, and since they can’t be leveled up no level is required to be input


Awesome @mechengg !

But I’ve got 6 offensive riders active.

Can we add rows?

Gasp :scream:

Where is earth man have u gone mad?!


Depends if i locked that sheet fully down or just put in a soft lock. I forget which i did. Let me add some more rows and hide them, for up to what, 8 offense and 3 defense maybe?

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Ok added rows for 8 & 3 respectively

Thanks Mech,
I’ll copy over now :smile:

Yup re-download and input data. Permissions also changed to just a warning so that you can unhide my hidden data and copy/paste more lines in if you know how. Check text font of all cells for where i hid stuffs :eyes:

Bump for new users to discover.

As well, comparison of Level 1 gear against seasonal and veteran gear. People always compare the maximum a piece can get to, but with highly recommending NOT to upgrade anything but Legendary/Elite gear I think this is a very useful comparison


you think its not worth levelling epic gear at all?

Absolutely not. (at this time after they buffed the scroll drops immensely)

A L1 legendary piece is the same stats (ish) as a L10 epic piece. The epic still costs half of what the legendary does to upgrade. Spend all of your scrolls and shards on legendary pieces and only upgrade those ones.


and should i unequip epic or destroy it once i get legendary?

I would unequip epics. You can use epics on a secondary dragon/rider combo of the same element type for the low cost of 50 rubies, so it’s basically free buffs for a second dragon.

I would destroy rare and common since it’s just one of them.

Plus there has been rumors of perhaps maybe hopefully a “trade up” mechanism, so don’t salvage any gear just yet it gives you next to nothing in return shard wise. But probably not worth it for common or rare items.

sings Did you ever know that you’re my herrroooooooooo :stuck_out_tongue: You da best Mech.

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Bringing this back up for anyone who missed it since crafting event is on once again in Atlas.

Crafted a legendary wind shield right off the bat this event, off to a splendid start :smiley:

Thanks for this tool - and all the others you produce!

May be a silly question but from the description in game it looks like the defensive rider gear only affects a particular tower type (cannoneer boots, red mage helm etc.). Is that right? If so, how is that accommodated within your spreadsheet?

That is the way that the defensive gear used to be set up, each gear piece would buff a specific tower and either for attach or HP.

They generalized everything when they changed the perch areas of effect to be generic all tower attack or HP to make things easier and make gear more interchangeable.

!!!.!!!.!!!.!!!.!!!.!!!.!!!This is an old table, none of it has any effect anymore!!!.!!!.!!!.!!!.!!!.!!!.!!!

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Ok thanks - that’s v helpful to know!

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Hey mech I know this is more about rider gear but I was wondering if you had a chart of how many rider shards it takes for each level to get them maxed out.