Mechengg's Rider Gear Worksheet


Of course i do :slight_smile:

Rider Gear Cost & Buff Tables
It’s also in my spreadsheet vault below if you ever have questions if i have other spreadsheets available


Starting to complete my empirical data set for crafted wind gear. No items have been salvaged at all, and the numbers fall fairly close to what i originally heard the numbers were.

EDIT: got my last legendary for Noc, here is the full chart


I’ll send you my data once I get a full set. Almost there. I haven’t salvaged anything either.


I’m working on an input chart so you can do it for yourself too :smiley:

Can i ask which element?


Dark. I don’t have data on rss used but I assume you can calc that pretty easy :slight_smile:

Edit: when I say almost there - could still take me a long while given RNG…:rofl: 2 pieces to go.


I have the RSS calcs done for wind, thats why i’m asking.
I’ll put something together in the next few days


At the risk of potentially stating the obvious that I somehow missed. Once you have a rider leveled up and with gear, is there an easy way to see just the rider bonuses w/o the gear included so I can put them in the spreadsheet?

I suppose I could enter the gear and look at the rider totals and make the rider boost what ever it takes to make the grand total the same…


The easy way is to view their skill tree and add up all the items in there.

I think I’ve done the majority of the seasonal riders to what most people spec them to, but double checking is always good :upside_down_face:


But that’s work and I’m AT work and lazy! :grin:


Then if you have an expert rider use the charts available :upside_down_face:


@mechengg , mate
When do we get a Tanok Update?
Please and Thank You


I can throw one in there, or as a work around you can just change the name and stats of one of the other dragons at the top and it should Cascade down


I don’t see glove in the spreadsheet. Am i just missingit?? :thinking: @mechengg

edit: is gaunlet glove or scroll??




Such an odd name for a glove. Thank you for the quick response and clarification. So would scroll go in weapon?


Yep! Back when the weapon and the scroll buffed specifically different towers, choosing one or the other was important. Now they both do the same thing.


Also, a gauntlet is the medieval term for glove, or rather the armor glove. You would challenge someone by throwing your gauntlet on the ground in front of them and they would pick it up to accept the challenge.


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: I can’t handle this I’m literally laughing out loud. Challenge by throwing a glove to the ground. What I would give to see this in action.


Aight folks this should be updated a bit.


  • Added Tarok
  • Added some future spots for riders so you can change the name yourself in anticipation of the new riders coming out and add their stats yourself (in case i don’t get around to it in a timely fashion)
  • Changed how you select seasonal gear. Now instead of “S” or “V”, you type in the name of the rider whose gear line it belongs to. This will allow for greater flexibility and future proofing since PG wants to start changing stats around all over the place it seems

Also maybe i’m old fashioned or just picked it up from other games but i ALWAYS refer to them as gauntlets and helms etc instead of gloves.

Gauntlet: image





Tanok (Tarok) is not calculating Attack and HP correctly. His Armour has different attributes to others.
I’m sure there is a more clever way, but I corrected the calcs by changing the code, as follows:

*Edit: your code will differ, depending on which of Tanok’s armour you equip.