Mechengg's Rider Gear Worksheet


Eek I guess I assumed that his attack vs defense we’re the same as other items. I’ll go take another look at em tomorrow


This will be a little bit weird to program in there due to the fact that you can use combinations to get more than 4 pieces of gear to get HP or attack. I’ve put in a very slight amount of coding to just temp get away with a tanok rider with only tanok gear, HOWEVER i don’t have time today to get the rest of the jumble in there.


That would be nice but sadly this is only the case for weapons but not for rings.

Pre-change I could chose between a ring to boost ballista damage or farm production so I chose the production.
Post-change they left my farm production ring as it was (still boosting production) so I was forced to craft the other ring that now boosts attack for all towers.

No biggie but yet another very annoying thing from PG :expressionless:


Couple of questions for an Atlas newbie:

  1. Can you upgrade gear from common to rare, etc.? Sounds like no from the above.
  2. Can you upgrade gear once it is equipped? Looks like I cannot…

If not, is the strategy to keep crafting until you get epic / legendary gear?


  1. No you cannot
  2. Yes you can, view the rider on your dragon and there should be a “level up” button

Strategy is to craft until you get all legendary, then upgrade after that point. The rarity gives the biggest bonus


Understood. Thank you!


What if they make gears breakable after +4? :joy:


Hopefully this is as good a place as any to ask this question:

Are naked season riders as good as naked Atlas riders? It seems (it being my second day with Atlas) that levelling up Atlas riders takes a lot…a lot more than getting the first page of a seasonal rider. I guess I’m wondering if I should get Nal’s first page, or save those sigils for something else and go for an Atlas rider (and spend who knows how much time to level her).


At max level, the naked Atlas riders are marginally better, for their specific class than the naked season riders, which are not class specific. However, as you noticed, it takes a long long long time to max an Atlas Class rider.

Put the season rider on your best dragon for daily play and solo war runs.
Put the Atlas rider on your lead dragon and run with Backup in Atlas Attacks. This will give your Atlas Rider Glory (G), which would otherwise be wasted on season riders.


Do you really need to give them more ideas to mess with us? :see_no_evil:




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