Mechengg's Seasonal Event Planner

Hi All!

Sorry in advance for the long post, but I need to include a bunch of information here for your use :slight_smile:

This is my latest development (based on request) for planning out an entire season. It uses a bunch of other resources that others and myself have developed to give hopefully an accurate picture of how your season can unfold, and where you could possibly pick up the slack and spend a bit more time/effort/resources to get to your goals! The idea is to help you guys out as much as possible with planning

Resources to use:
Mechengg’s Spreadsheet Vault
Fortification Planner
PvP Event Planner

Thanks to the following individuals for the reviews & feedback:

Here is the user guide page to get you started, pictures of a filled out version will appear below as well

So here is a fully filled out version for someone who would be attempting to go for a mythic in a higher league. You can see that i’ve chosen to show them opening some gold chests at the start of the season in order to hit the 15k sigil mark in week 2 (for the discount) to bring the overall cost of the season down to 75k sigils. You can also see that in the bottom right corner that there is red cells. This indicates that this individual will be short egg tokens by the end of the season for the goals that they are trying to achieve (if they are trying to do this). So the person could either choose to get more active, or open chests during different events rather than just PvP, or they could adjust their expectations down a bit and not go for the 254k prize every breeding event since they are 2k sigils over their goal.


Download Link (V.1.00.0): HERE


OMG Love it! :heart_eyes:

When I click dropdown for event points it is saying load event first. I had already loaded what I expect the cadence to be. Am I doing something wrong?

Probably not. It’s just a reminder to select the event first if people are having trouble. If it’s not workign i’ll fix it.

Yeah it’s just a reminder to enter the event. Not a big deal, it’s just a prompt and should reject any inputs. I’ll leave it in for the first bit until people get used to filling it out.

That’s the error I get.

It’s working OK for me, both with and without the “suggestion” prompt on.

Did you maybe take this and copy/paste it somewhere else? I have it hot linked to a ton of other tabs that it needs to pull from (that i don’t see at the bottom which are typically there)

Cool new toy!

I get issues with filling in the expected event score too though. I’ve entered the guestimated events, but the dropdown for event points is the same for every one, maxing out at 140k. And that seems like a low ambition for fort… :grin:


i love it , just realized I can do discount and egg token in two events . good job mech , see why I say you have to be in the CF

FML i’m going to take another look at this then lol

:joy::joy: Let us know when you figure out the bug. I know you’ve been working on this for a while now. I look forward to playing around with it :eyes:

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Mine seems to be working fine :thinking:

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I will need time to tame this new toy but anyone else got a good laugh spotting Fred in the corner? :rofl:


Thanks a lot again. Your work on spreadsheets is an amazing and awesome contribution to wd community!

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Could you guys with the input problems open up the tab “Event Details” and send me a screenshot of that? I want to see what rollup or validation is being missed.


Is something to do with the previous event. If I put fortification first, the second event that is the real fortification get the correct list. If I put team gauntlet in example, it gets the team gauntlet list. Looks like is getting the -1 list instead of his own list

Event #2 Fort when Event #1 is fort too:

Event #2 Fort when Event #1 is team gauntlet:

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These look correct to me, only somehow those are not the values in the drop-down.

edit: Checked with what Tulkas said, looks like all the pulldowns actually correspond to whatever event I set for week 1… Copy/paste thing?

Yeah is only taking the first row always

Very strange. I already fixed that issue 2x so far. It seems to be reverting itself for some reason

I fixed it yet again, give it another try.

If this is too finicky, then i’ll just remove the validation on it and you can enter points manually.

Did the trick for me! Maybe we got an older cached copy or something before…

On to playing around, thanks Mech!