Mechengg's Spreadsheet Vault (Hosted by ConfusedKate)

A huge thank you to Mech for all the hard work he has put into creating these resources for us.

I’ve copied all of Mechengg’s spreadsheets to my drive and will host them. I will also keep the Fort Planner updated.

And a reminder from Mechengg: Probably worth noting, many of these spreadsheets have multiple tabs, remember to check them all out for all of the information

Miscellaneous Game Spreadsheets
Zeppelin Mission Table

Event Spreadsheets
Event History

Minor Event Prizes

Major Event Prizes
Kingdom Wars
Fight Pits
Team Gauntlet
Temple Raid

Team Prizes
Team Achievement Prizes (All events, check tabs)
Final Prizes (All events, check tabs)
Team Quest Prizes

Chest Drop %'s
Chest Drop Rates

Event Information
Team Gauntlet Information
Kingdom Wars Information

Downloadable Worksheets
Fortification Planner [download link, fill out your own info]
PvP Event Planner [download link, fill out your own info]
Season Planner [download link, fill out your own info]

Atlas Spreadsheets
Information Tables
Rider Leveling Information
Primarch Leveling Information
Rider Gear Cost & Buff Tables
Atlas Infrastructure Upgrade Table
Infrastructure Upgrade Bonuses
Atlas Bank Storage & Transfer Information
WTF do i upgrade first? (A guide to leveling gear)

Atlas Events
Crafting Event Prizes
Primarch & Rider Training Event Prizes
Troop Building Event Prizes

Downloadable worksheets
Gold Mine & Beast Tables [download link, fill out your own info]
Rider Gear Worksheet [download link, fill out your own info]
Crafting Gear Analysis [download link, fill out your own info]
Glory Calculator [download link, fill out your own info]
Crafting Event Planner [download link, fill out your own info]


Awesome Kate!

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Thank you for stepping up, Kate. Knowing that these amazing resources will be in your more than Kate-able hands takes a bit of the sting off :slight_smile:


Pinned this thread so it’s easy to find :kissing_heart:


Thank you Kate :blush:

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You are my hero. Thank you 100 thousand times


I’m just looking at the 200 and 250% zeppelin missions :eyes:

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Thank you Kate! Massive shoes to fill but if anyone can do it, you can!


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Thanks for the vote of confidence, but I doubt it. :sweat_smile:

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just wondering if you have the info for silver 2 primes to add. looking for the xp/glory requirements for each level. or if there is another source for that info ?


Thank you :slight_smile:

Thank you!

I’ve added the glory requirements. I’m looking into added the gold/timer requirements.


Hi Kate,

Pointed out to me that my Event History never made it into the list above.
May want to add this one as well

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Is this one linked to WDgeeks?

It was linked, but those type of links stopped referencing.

But yes same sheet

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I added the Event History spreadsheet and updated the Season Planner. The Season Planner imported other spreadsheets in the vault so I updated it to import those shared from my Google Drive.