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Welcome to Mechengg’s Spreadsheet Vault!

Figured i’d get a collection going for my various spreadsheets that i have started for data pulls and analysis. I’ll keep adding to this list as more get populated. Eventually all of this will end up on however due to our workloads i figured this may be an easy-ish interm solution to getting the information out for people to use.

As always if you find any incorrect information, or would like any explanations as to what i’ve done/why i’ve done things a certain way feel free to comment below, but please keep it constructive instead of just trolling for the hell of it :sunglasses:

Probably worth noting, many of these spreadsheets have multiple tabs, remember to check them all out for all of the information


Miscellaneous Game Spreadsheets
Zeppelin Mission Table

Event Spreadsheets
Minor Event Prizes

Major Event Prizes
Kingdom Wars
Fight Pits
Team Gauntlet
Temple Raid

Team Prizes
Team Achievement Prizes (All events, check tabs)
Final Prizes (All events, check tabs)
Team Quest Prizes (team and individual & strategies)

Chest Drop %'s
Chest Drop Rates

Event Information
Team Gauntlet Information
Kingdom Wars Information

Downloadable Worksheets
Fortification Planner [download link, fill out your own info]

Atlas Spreadsheets
Information Tables
Rider Leveling Information
Primarch Leveling Information
Rider Gear Cost & Buff Tables
Atlas Infrastructure Upgrade Table
Infrastructure Upgrade Bonuses
Atlas Bank Storage & Transfer Information
WTF do i upgrade first? (A guide to leveling gear)

Atlas Events
Crafting Event Prizes
Primarch & Rider Training Event Prizes
Troop Building Event Prizes

Downloadable worksheets
Gold Mine & Beast Tables [download link, fill out your own info]
Rider Gear Worksheet [download link, fill out your own info]
Crafting Gear Analysis [download link, fill out your own info]
Glory Calculator [download link, fill out your own info]

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New Player Query: Can a F2P player be decent in this game?
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Atlas: Beginner/Basic Posters for Line Chats
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You are amazing Mechengg :heart_eyes::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:
Thank you for sharing these incredible resources.


I’ve shared some of them before, they just reside buried way deep down in posts somewhere so i thought a clear concise location for them all to be found easily would be a nice change :slight_smile:


(Well, I’ll get a forum ban if not abbreviating it…)


bookmarked that shit


Someday there would be “rider mating event prizes” page then we spend speed up to reduce the pregnant time


You are the man!

( my inner nerd loves spreadsheets :smile: )


Awesome! You’ve saved me a ton of work. Thanks!



:heart_eyes: so much beauty in one place. We don’t deserve you :sob:


One day I hope to have a single page I can link to instead of having to maintain my own list of resources. This is close :joy:


Yaaaas. You are the best Mech. <3


Based on feedback from a few individuals including @Morreion I have done a bit of tweaking to the drop rate spreadsheet.

  1. Added a cover page with a snapshot look at all of the averages for both gold and bronze.
  2. Added way more items to the averages including PvP items & resources (pearl/ember/shards)

Let me know your thoughts and opinions on this change and if you like it or not.


This is awesome! Thanks!


Team Gauntlet Data on Chest Drop % chart updated


Nice! A lot more mystic fragments in the golds than I realised. Puts the pvp gold chests closer to the breeding ones than I thought, for breeding progression…


If you ignore all the other items that help with even progression like food packs during breed or energy during PvP and you value 1 mystic frag at 200 egg tokens, you get around 23% more egg tokens combined (in raw tokens and mystic frags) during breeding event than you would get during Team Gaunlet.


I believe breeding gives the most tokens and the second most timers. It is a no brainer to open gold during breeds.


but maybe the ruby and token rewards during pvps may offset that a bit for grinders.
I do agree i didn’t do the math though, feeling a bit lazy.
I am not a convinced fan of opening chests during breeding somehow. :sweat_smile:


Yes, that’s why I said “if you ignore all other items”.
If you can/want to grind, PvP may be better but I also didn’t do the math yet.

I switch a lot between opening during breed and PvP, as long as I’m on track with breeding and don’t meet a bottleneck or a huge cost for some mythic, I stick to PvP so I can contribute to my team in energy events.
I’m level capped for Harbs anyway so no need for me to open during breed right now. When I was in Sapphire, Garnet and Emerald I loved opening during breed events.