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i’d happily send if i could… since they are eating dust anyway in exchange for ice and wind shards :wink:


I’ll need Ice, but I can spare about 400k wind shards.

On topic.
@mechengg Will you include Beast bonus prize as well in Beast tables?


Good point. I’ve just added them to my table above.


I will review all Atlas prize tables over the coming 2 weeks to ensure they are up to date :slight_smile:

@OrcaFrost will try to add to the tables :slight_smile:
EDIT: Added all the information, had good beast splits that gave me break points right away

Also to add, thanks for letting me know that information was out of date people, i always like to have it latest and greatest so these pokes/reminders are really appreciated.


@mechengg please let us know when the fort planner will be ready :pray::pray::pray:


It’s already updated, that’s a big one that has it’s separate thread to notify people of the updates :slight_smile:


You rock thanks man


f u, mech.

I F’ing love you! AGAIN!


Huge ask here, but with crafting in the main game now…

Would it be possible to create a crafting planner, similar to the fort planner? Enter the gear you have, by element/type/level/etc and show a list/table of required shards and the buff gained, by additional each additional level?

Possibly show Atlas event rewards (if the player has Atlas - make it a selection to turn on/off).

Huge ask, I know, but it could help players focus their (limited) shard resources on the best bang for their effort.


Not to rain on your party; but mech does have all the info in his sheets. It’s kinda not too hard to play around with the values in Excel and find out how much you can upgrade so-and-so for, and for how much of an improvement.


I’m totally aware that the info is already there, across multiple sheets.

I’m asking for it to be consolidated into a Fort type planner sheet.

If it’s too much, it’s too much. Sure, I could do it, but I’m also not going to update it and share it beyond a few people whereas if Mech did/does it, it shares with the communty and does a lot more good.

So rain away, sweetheart.


I think it’s a great idea to have a sheet like that. I already modded my copy of Mech’s sheet a bit to show atlas event points, but I only use that to round to the next award by the end of the event. With a planner I could plan my crafts from the start, make sure not to run out of anything, get the last reward, and have enough time to get everything crafted without speeding anything.


Hmm interesting ask for sure. I do have all the info required for this, I could consider it for sure, would just have to give it some thought on what it would look like.

Any ideas?

Just take the current planner and replace the columns with shard requirements? And a buff % total?
How would you account for them being on different riders? Have a few different sections for different riders?


Since riders can be specced differently, I’d suggest a section at the top (like the construction research/bonus bit) for the user to input the relevant buffs on AP and HP respectively?

Would ideally display total buff vs original, perhaps?


I wasn’t even thinking of riders, just the gear itself, to show the player total shards needed, per level if possible, for the buff earned at that level and the shard/buff ratio.

So sort of a fort planner layout, having enough room to enter all of your gear, but instead of a goal level, show the possible levels remaining, the cost, the buff, the ratio, etc.

Edit - like I mentioned earlier, all of the info is elsewhere on a few sheets, just a matter of consolidating it and allowing for input. I think.

Another edit - but adding an area for rider input stats, to show final buffs to a dragon, would be sweet :heart_eyes:


Would be nice to organize it by rider though right? AKA be able to enter in rider start info (or leave it at 0 to see just what the increase would be) and it to spit out a total gear % at the end?


Yes, but that’s getting even more involved :joy:

I mean, if you wanna do it, I’m all for it. Adding rider info, even multiple riders, entering gear, and being shown costs and buffs :heart_eyes:


For me it would already be useful to have a sheet where I can list all my gear pieces the same way I can list towers in the fort planner. Each line would have the current level and planned level, and the sheet would show the total number of shards needed, the total crafting time (with an ‘end of event’ option) and the total event points gained.

A line would be something like:

  • Defensive fire gloves - Elite - from 7 - to 9 - [calculated results]
  • Defensive fire pants - Legendary - from 6 - to 7 - [calculated results]

A bonus would be to also show the old and new percentage on each line. An even nicer bonus would be to also show the total % gained for each set, but would need some way to indicate what belongs to what set, might be overcomplicating things.

Personally, I would take such a sheet, put all my current gear in, and keep updating the levels with my next event plans. Others might just take a blank sheet each time and only enter those pieces of gear they want to update this time round.


I’ll do up a preview of what i’m thinking so you guys can give feedback and see if there is anything else you want added


You rock!