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Quick thoughts?

  • number of rider slots at the top could be increased
  • Do you want it to go start-buff-finish or start-finish-buff?
  • Is it too much info?
  • The start/end would only be accurate if all of the gear was put in properly
  • I also need to put in rarity between gear piece and the leveling hahah


did you just edit that post?

suddenly poped out of nowhere.


Yes i did…


I was thinking showing each level upgrade cost/buff/ratio, per piece, instead of a hard start/finish? Maybe that’d be too much?


Well i already have a chart for that. The cost/buff doesn’t really make sense in a planner, that is more of an overall philosophy knowledge item.


I like it!

I would like a way to easily add more riders, or have like 10 slots by default (but that might be a lot for some other people).

In the summary on the top a total event points and total crafting time would be nice to have too.
An ‘end of event’ yes/no toggle like fort has would also be useful, so I can make a plan that fits within the 74 hours of the crafting event.

Don’t forget to add the gear rarity for each item to each line, and have an element-picker per rider.

edit: PS I see that it’s hard to not put “earth, wind and fire” in the top line :joy: but maybe better to use the same order used in the crafting screens (fire, earth, ice, wind, dark off the top of my head)


Yup, I’m liking it :+1: But yeah, need lots of rider slots :man_facepalming:


I have majorly fcked this sheet up and isn’t letting me edit without reverting (even for an example) so i’m going to have to play around with it from scratch.

  • Good points on elemental picker at the top
  • Summary table should be included yes
  • Keeping the end of event toggle would be a nice to have, will try to do that

Other thought

  • Do you think that crafting (not just upgrading) should be in here as well?


Maybe as an aside somewhere. A way to pick up extra points :man_shrugging: If you’re gonna go big, go huge!


Might as well right?

Aight i’ll start some form of dev on this and you guys can start with input on it :slight_smile:


I think it shouldn’t, because:

  • Unpredictable cost (for a specific rarity) makes it hard to plan with in any useful way.
  • Very few people doing this degree of planning will be crafting new items within an event.
  • Cost per item is so low it barely registers
  • It would mean adding scrolls to everything just for this niche use


The voice of reason :joy:

He’s going huge, let the man play! :smiling_imp::joy:


This is not entirely true for weapons/shields, i typically use it to top up my event points right at the end of events. The scrolls are actually typically worth a decent amount of points


Haven’t put the buff %'s in next, wanted to get the costs sort of working first then i’ll just copy/paste with the buff data on a separate tab (easier).

Still have to do the separate elite items, they have different shard types so it kinda screws with the nice generic system, oh well.

What i have done so far, comments?
Prizes are rolled up into your shard count at the finish, so you know that you will receive X crafting shards as prizes and can use them to complete you event crafts.


I love it so far.

What are the Diamonds refering to? If that’s the speed-up cost it should probably be rubies (unless you know something I don’t about an upcoming change… :grin:)


Diamonds are in the event prizes (earned) :slight_smile:
Perhaps I should make that more clear


Ahh okay nice! And yes, probably :joy:

I see the footnote now. At first sight it seems like a cool feature, already processing the shards won. But I wonder if it can’t get you in trouble as well. For example, I plan a set of crafts that have me ending just in the green, but in order to actually queue the last craft I need the prizes I will get after I queue it. So I’m actually short, but only find out when I get there.


Hmmm :thinking::thinking:
It perhaps could depending on how the prizes are earned and the order you craft them in.

Perhaps just leave it as prizes earned and let people figure out if their prizes are higher than the shards.

We shall have to use it once and see how things go


More stuff added, still haven’t separated Elite though. Will do that next.

What do you guys think about the 7 slots for riders and upgrades?