Mechengg's Spreadsheet Vault


That looks awesome!


Seven should be plenty for most I suppose, I do have more riders with some sort of gear on them, but only 3 that I actively upgrade. Can’t imagine many people are upgrading more than one attack of each element and one or two defensive sets.


Right now I’m managing:
2 defence riders
5 attack riders
So yeah - add more Mech!! :slight_smile:


GBB specialty of 7 showing and 3 additional but hidden OK to you?


Lol nice!

I’m also managing other unequipped sets… Planning for Itz for example… :joy: So extra is good!


I have 16 riders and hopefully one more before season end. And maybe 1 or 2 from Spring…

They keep multiplying.


Maybe you guys just need 2 planners haha.


My name is Talarius and I am a Riderholic.

Someone said “collect the entire set!” and I just can’t at least not try to get them all.


Need info someone, can anyone help out?
I think this is the very last item before I can release for testing to a few people
(not that these are the most critical, but i’d like it to be full at least before testing)


Also, preference on 1 vs 2?


i vote for 2


I also like layout 2 a bit better I think. Something about is more visually appealing.

Also, what info do you need? Maybe I can help.


The 3 highlighted cells. The common’s i can do later this crafting event quickly, but the Epic L8->9 is going to be a pain to find the exact cost somewhere.


Oh… uh, I don’t have any leveled up epics. I only do legendary or elite :sweat_smile:

Maybe someone else could help…


Need 2 more Beta testers, anyone want to give it a quick run through? PM me

Found peeps to look at it already thanks everyone!


@mechengg When the season launches in a bit, will you be doing an update of the Chest Drop Rates rollups for the new bronze chests? I expect @OrcaFrost will have the raw data out pretty fast but the rollup format is still really efficient for quick comparisons.


When the bronze chests change, yes I can redo them based on Orca’s site :slight_smile:


That’s funny! :joy::joy:


Hidden thoughts: ‘So go bug OF instead.’



heyy, did you update the fortification planner after 300 wall fix?