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He has.



thanks a lot


How about kindom war prize?

How much 1200sigil score to achieve?

Does score is fix the same rate on the same event with every cycle?

Thank you


Umm I guess I forgot the KW team achievement tracker, my bad.

And yes it’s identical for each version of the event.


Does its fix the same rate score or fluctuate score depend on situation?


I have no idea what you are asking.

Not sure how else to explain “it’s identical”


Any chance there’s an update with the new tower levels?

Love ya work!


Unfortunately not complete yet, tower info hasn’t been released yet



Heya Mech,
Would be great if they could release the info early enough for u to be able to update your form, so that we could prepare b4 Fort :orange_heart: your forms are so useful, I use them every Fort to prepare :clinking_glasses:ty for all the time u put in :orange_heart:


I know right Sal?

But this event seems a wee bit different than usual, we typically have the info by early Tuesday and still nothing. They appear to be a bit behind


If this wasn’t mech’s thread, I’d rephrase that to say “They appear to be a behind.” but I want to be respectful so I won’t.