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Yep breeding still gives more, but I always thought breeding had nearly twice what pvp had, so I was surprised the gap is just 23%. And I certainly prefer pvp items over food packs and xp potions.

I don’t regret opening my chests during breeding, but it’s not as obviously the only sensible choice for me. And it’s good news for me next season when there’s likely no breeding in the discount weeks (assuming the other pvp events use the same chest contents).

I’m heading for the Sapphire wall now, so there’s no such thing as enough egg tokens at the moment. But good pvp results will also get some extra tokens as rewards, along with more rubies that I can grind into tokens. In any case, it’s great to have the numbers to work with and make the best choices.


Anybody with crafting gear I need a smidgen of help filling out the rest of this table with the secondary shard type. Earth and fire primarily if you have the blanks :slight_smile:

This will result in a separate workbook being finalized in order to track your crafting progress and spending


Earth helm and chest secondary is wind, pants secondary is dark.

Fire gauntlet secondary is dark, and weapon secondary is ice.


Thank you very much! :smiley:


New worksheet up for anyone interested in exactly what they have invested into their crafting

Works as such:

  • Select Element type of gear
  • Input what you have all crafted for this
  • Outputs total shards that you have spent and scrolls
  • Outputs Rarity %'s
  • Use 1 sheet (duplicate sheet) per element type if required

Crafting Gear Analysis [download link, fill out your own info]


Love this thank you!


Updated Chest Drops earlier today with Fight Pits info.
Identical to Team Gauntlet :slight_smile:

Thank you PG! For better bronze chest prizes

For the Chest Drops spreadsheet, can you please freeze the table header?


Sorry I absolutely hate frozen headers so that is a no for now. It’s not a long list and I’ve broken it down fairly easily to read


Do you mind adding Team Achievement data for each event Mech?


Your chest drop sheet is everything I’ve been looking for and more. Thank you so much dude. :hugs: :t_rex:


I can do that starting with next event :slight_smile:


Looks really good. :+1:


Atlas Gold & Poacher Tables revamp

  • Includes Elite selector now (based on my current understanding of the system)
  • Includes Tax input cell


New Table added (TY @SavageAFforPG for infos)

Handy to know what’s coming up and what you can expect to gain as you progress through the infrastructure levels. Keep in mind that these aren’t gained by upgrading a single castle to the shown level, they are based on the infrastructure point system.

Infrastructure Upgrade Bonuses

Refinery Boosts Structure?

I like it when it was Unobtainium…

Does anyone even have those levels?


Ha fine i’ll change it back


Starting to track :slight_smile:

Feeding Team Achievement Prizes


Thanks Mech!!! :heart_eyes:


Yay I will share this with my viewers Tuesday! Would you ever care to guest on my Talk Dragon Tuesday?