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Starting to track all team final event prizes. Link will be above as well in the vault


Hey @mechengg ,

Black Pearl Drops.
Slightly better Rollup during Fort which includes the quantity 100 drops, but the data shows more quantity 225 drops Main Events.

So which event is expected to yield more total quantity of Black Pearls over 100+ gold chests?

#48 first tab (“Rollup” tab) shows the expected average drops per chest. Fort is tops for black pearls (11.32), but pvp events are close behind with 10.57.

All of the numbers are depressingly low though, if you need 20k or so of them…


I reviewed the spreadsheet, and found…

And understanding that there is a 11.32% and 10.57% chance of ‘a’ drop during the respective events, but not all drops are equil…


Those are not percentages. Those are the number of pearls per chest. So 11.32 means that you will get 11.32 pearls per chest average. In other words, open 1000 chests and you will have about 11320 black pearls.


i believe there are, but may not be true.
All i can say is , after new land, there will definitely be at least 3 teams. Not naming any :wink:


Fort is your best shot at pearls and timers. But it’s not good for tokens.


Oh now I get it. Thanks Morreion for taking the time to explain it, twice for my benefit :sweat_smile: