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So many details to think of. Thanks Mech :+1:t3:


Good new everybody. The drop rates for Kingdom wars are identical to both other PvP events, and thus concludes the full table of drop rate %'s :smiley:


YAAAAAAAAY! I love numbers… but they do not love me back. :cold_sweat: :t_rex:




Oh my god, ignore that… I read everything wrong :rofl: :t_rex:


You are lucky I missed the comment :yum:


Check to see if it went to your email :eyes:


:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I read the drop rate sheet wrong and thought that Elemental Embers had a 118.something% chance of dropping in a gold chest :man_facepalming: I need a nap. :t_rex:


Table for the new Zeppelin Missions with upgrades. I have yet to confirm all of the numbers, but i can add the rounding factors and adjustments very easily with how i’ve done the formulas in the table (don’t need to change every number lol).

Not eye searing like the other version floating around. TELL ME IF IT STILL BURNS YOUR EYES, I CAN TURN DOWN THE COLOR A SMIDGE MORE IF NECESSARY

Tabs for how people like to view stuff (totals, how it’s viewed in game, complete info table)

Zeppelin Mission Table


Will ruby costs per tier be added? :t_rex:


Also fixed the rider gear table…APPARENTLY the offensive and defensive gear have different secondary shards. Who knew :man_shrugging:

Thanks to @Umaya for pointing this out to me


Depends how it scales, will probably have to add something like that as a note somewhere.
Alternately, it’ll be another chart/graph seeing as that’s how i can tell people when to speed up their missions lol.

Shall see how it all plays out once we get down to it.


Awesome, thanks. Lookin forward to seeing it :+1: :t_rex:


:blush: thank you for awesome vault!
It made my day that I could give back a little :blush:


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Awesome🙌🏻 thanks


Added another spreadsheet, for which gear to level gives you the best “bang for your buck” so to speak. Will be getting updated this season with Elite Ring information once it comes in from my teammates, but for now here is a shot of it.

Hope it’s easy to understand. Basically, lower = better

WTF do i upgrade first? (A guide to leveling gear)


That concept looks vaguely familiar… :grin:


Lol I didn’t even know that existed :speak_no_evil:


I suppose it’s a fairly obvious idea anyway. I have to say I looked here first to see if you already made one before whipping that up :joy: