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Holy diminishing returns Batman.


But I want higher level gear.


Awesome Mech! thanks a lot!


@mechengg not sure if i missed some news, or just using chart wrong, but according to the table

at 256% refinery base shards should be 439, but somehow they are 731

in the info screenshot from Aug 13 it shows

  • 31 baseline
  • 61 elite
  • 79 infra

today aug 21

  • base 31
  • 123 elite
  • 79 infra


It’s a bug with elite. It’s somehow being applied twice. I guess is their way of making up for the incorrect xp above a certain bonus? :man_shrugging:t3:


wow, thanks for good news :slight_smile: could it be some Craft-event-related thing? like token bonus during breeding event?

has it been long? i wasn’t saving screenshots, but I think i saw it not matching yesterday too, and may be day before


From what I can tell, it happens when you renew your elite, not sure how long it lasts for.


Thanks for letting us know it was a bug Lutrus. I haven’t had elite since they did the shard increase so i wouldn’t have known about the bug.

That being said I was 100% confident in my numbers for this sheet since I manually took all numbers from tons of data sets to narrow down the exact formulas (± typical PG rounding errors on their end, not my end) so I hope that this is still the case.


Mech! I guess this has more to do with WDGeeks than your vault, but since (I think) you’re the one who wrote the zeppelin mission guide, will you be updating this part of it since now there are varying prices and payouts of tokens/rubies?

Or does it even change? I know that the time for the speedup price to go down from 30 rubies to 29 is now longer (used to have to wait about 30-ish seconds, now it’s definitely over a minute). I still haven’t upgraded and am curious if any of these values change. :t_rex:


From what i’ve experienced, the ratio is staying the same, it’s just the amount changed per time interval is increased.
Overall as you upgrade, it may swing up/down a few % based on rounding for the ruby and token costs


Ahh interesting thank you.
My gut is still telling me not to upgrade… so I won’t… yet… :eyes: :t_rex:


Dooooo it. Do it now. I’ve been doing 10k days since the upgrade.


What the hell is wrong with your gut? There is really no reason whatsoever not to upgrade to the max tier you can backbreed.


I don’t know! :rofl: I don’t trust changes by PG :eyes: :t_rex:


Take dino probiotics. Unless that one egg will prevent you from doing a builder hut or research upgrade that you really want, there aren’t currently other reasons not to :stuck_out_tongue:



Temple Raid Event Prize sheet available for comparisons to previous events now.


:eyes: is there a difference from other pvps?


Do i get points for hiring swann using those 500 blue shards?


No you do not. Also presently troop training

EDIT: Seeing as someone just gave this a like, u should correct it. It turns out many have reported they do infact give points in training events, however the description still says otherwise and I had been told at one point it would not. But if you read down in this thread I believe this was where someone confirmed they had for sure gotten points for rider leveling.


Ahaaa thanks! I thought i could get some points during training event :joy::joy::joy: i can start getting glory now for her


Absolutely love this chart!
That’s exactly why I always craft shield and weapon first :grin: