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That’s also why elite shield and weapon will be the last ones available. So you spent all your shards levelling your legendaries by the time elite rolls round.

I’m stopping levelling anything but elite now becsuse I KNOW I’ll get the elite version of everything I need.



Can you update the cost to upgrade sheet since you have the ring info please?


I didn’t do that already? :confused:


Wait I might just be having a brain fart.

All elite gear costs the same to upgrade, just some (like shield, ring etc) provide greater boost for upgrade, yes? If so, disregard what I said.


Yes, AKAIK :slight_smile:


hold the ******* phone, I never actually noticed but is team gauntlet and temple raid 450 sigils actually set behind a 117k point pay wall? how much drugs does anyone have to take to write that as a prize number and say “looks legit.”


Hey Mech. Would you please explain or summarize this to me :slightly_smiling_face: i have trouble to understand this… Basically which one should i upgrade first :slightly_smiling_face:


The table is written is cost/material so upgrade whatever number is the smallest.


Upon copying myself a new planner sheet:


Is…just deleting the entries fine?

What sort of psychopath builds 20 archers to level 47, when they can build max perches? I feel like making an alt to test this defense strategem :thinking:


Whoops I was verifying something, accidentally forgot to delete it. Fixed, yes please just delete in your copy


mech’s secret love for hoarding Archers: confirmed :eyes:


And stopped just short of the super-secret 50m reward tier as well, such a waste… :joy:


@mechengg is your fortification planner up to date with the progress coming to game


I think we have to wait the update


Given how PG discount the tower, things will get messy
(Which one is better? Lv 45 Ice Turret, DF, or Storm?)


Flak of course, for the damage.


Orca just wants to get all the points.

So, should get them all.


Yes fort planner will be updated in a way that will make subsequent changes easy to alter as well.

But will wait until official rollout and confirmation that they do indeed want to edit resource amounts which I don’t think is the best thing to do without some more hard parameters on tower levels


Well, not only fort points, but also surprise base :smirk:
Though what I said about messy isn’t related to points, rather storage cap.


Slightly off topic.
After this discount, will you update your building guide Mech? Since if the rss requirement is cut down, higher leveled tower will be unlocked much faster than expected.