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I’m going to try and fight the resource cutting somehow. It’s a bad idea all around.
And if they keep the resource cutting, i’ll be pissed off enough to just remove all my guides so it won’t matter if i update it or not.


Copy everything!!!


Certain people will always have access privately :slight_smile:


:crossed_fingers:maybe I can be one of those :joy:


Everyone is gonna be your best friend mech :rofl:


:see_no_evil::smiling_imp: silently goes on to do battch copying all sheets


Ahhhh!!! That would make me sad! I think I play spreadsheet dragons more than I do war dragons.





Why do you feel that strongly about the wood reduction? I do agree it’s unneeded and that the change in storage requirements is creating some weird jumps, but in the end it’ll affect be building very little.
Looking at it from the perspective of someone just starting 41 towers I still can’t max more towers for my level, and I still want to build my kill island up more or less equal. I just get the luxury of saving my storage upgrades to run between fort events or shift them around a bit to optimize event points. And I guess I could have one or two 45 towers a few levels earlier, but at the price of weakening my other lead towers.


Quick question about rider xp. If I attack with a dragon rider equipped and follow with a dragon without a rider does the rider still gain full xp since there wasnt a rider to split it with?




Awesome that what I was hoping to hear.


But if you have a non glory (main game) rider it on a second dragon it will still split. And it also does with expert riders.

In case you didn’t already know that.


Currently I do not get any glory for follows, but that only happened since 4.80.


No troops lost = no glory


what you were seeing before was visual glitch which is probably corrected now.


Followers do not loose any troops so no glory points well. You need to either lead the attack or defense your prim.


You are right about the glory for prim of course. But the rider used to get xp, if I remember correctly.


And the xp is bound to glory :eyes:

Also the same reason why your rider gets no xp for attacking invaders


Many people think it did, but reality is, it never did.