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And so, after running Obsidian drags and playing for close to two years I still learn. Thank you for the info. I was so sure…



This was a bug long ago where defending a player on atlas and assisting provides Glory Points based on what the lead defender and attacker gets. This was fixed as far as I know.

I experienced this bug so I remembered this one. Pretty useful to exploit since you can’t avoid defending or helping someone on atlas, but got fixed a week or 2 later after being reported


Thank you very much for clarification. At least I now know that my memory was not playing tricks.

It is so hard to tell whether a game machanic is a bug or intentional these days.


Was looking for stuff, where I could spend fire shards and noticed that and Arctic Battle Ring (Offensive, ICE, Ring) requires Fire as second material, while it is Dark in the table. Please check. I was upgrading legendary item of level 5, if this is important.

P.S.: checked other ice offensive equipment - all others looks fine.

UPD: looking at the table for offensive gear, where secondary material specified, it looks like everywhere, except ice ring and wind chest, the secondary material is used at least for 2 items. Can’t verify wind chest now, as the Forge is already full, though it looks like one more candidate. For defensive it’s more complex, as there are two rings and two weapons there - possibly everything else is correct, and I just found the only item.



Thank you for these sheets again.
In team achievements sheet, i’ve observed that all titles of PvP events in the sheet have “Temple Raid” .
I know its simple thing but many are getting confused when i post SS :laughing:

Can you please fix it in free time if possible?


Dumb question, anyone have an old copy of the gold/poacher workbook handy? I’m changing it around for beasts but want to double check an item



I have a copy from August 2 :eyes: Is that old enough?


Thanks!! Obtained :smiley:



Updated the Gold & Poacher Sheet to reflect Beast Shard Drops.
It is still a dynamic sheet, so change the blue values to reflect your infrastructure bonus and land tier you are farming on. It should not show any beasts that are unavailable on your lands.

You can see that beast levels give a coefficient bonus (i’ve checked it to the best of my ability and it matches all the way from my T5s down through neutral zone so i assume it’s correct to within a few %) but the difference between the levels of the beasts really isn’t that much. 10 beast levels only gives a few % difference overall to your base bonus, but the higher the land tier you are on and the higher your infrastructure bonus, the more that will impact your shard total.

Still figuring out how to update for beast gold bonus % into a table format. For now just use your gold mine run from the left multiplied by your coefficient for beast level


I can no longer find your base building guide. How do I access it now?


It is removed. Out of date, and while I’m working on it’s revision I haven’t released it yet


@mechengg can u add the 6M Bonus prize at the feeding event personal achievements file please


Thank you for the update. Can you please let me know when you are posting it again? Here it is by far the best guid in base building!

Bob Jobe


And the 9 M as well dunno if there is more


Both the 6 and 9 we’re added yesterday


Thanks buddy u rock


@mechengg it is hilarious but I just found out there is another prize at 14 M but I cant reach it :rofl: had to stop at 9 M





5 million more points? Easy peasy…