Mech's Glory Calculator



I really hope i don’t regret this at all because it’s not 100% but here is my work in progress glory calculator for those interested in it.

I do have some RULES when using it that i really hope that you abide by:

  1. This is a work in progress. Don’t be a dick about things if they are incorrect
  2. When things need updating, simply let me know that you have more up to date/relevant information and i will confirm the validity and update
  3. I don’t promise that this will always be 100% up to date, things randomly change
  4. I don’t promise 100% validity of information due to a number of reasons. This will be within a margin that I felt was reasonable to release to the public due to interest.
  5. If too many people mis-use this in order to “prove people wrong” I will take it down and shun you
  6. It is up to YOU as an individual to use the tool for planning if you so choose, but don’t come to me for setting it up for you
  7. It is up to YOU to try and read and LEARN. If you don’t plan on learning, don’t read or use the tool
  8. Things will be added randomly, if you need a new copy always check the vault :slight_smile:
    The sheet has 2 sections in it, both with different purposes:
  1. Single Use Calculator
    This is meant to give you a rather firm number on how much glory, troops, etc you will obtain for a specific battle result at a certain location. You can input figures that both the attacking and defending primarch have, set the location and castle levels, and input the flame count and it should break down for you how many troops of each are lost, how much glory each player gains, and how many revivable troops are earned.

  2. Graphic Analysis
    This is meant as a more informative tool that will let you see the differences across a broad range of attack outcomes, everywhere from 5 flames down to <10% defeated. This will help to see what % or flame count will be most efficient to obtain glory with, what you should try to hold an attacker to, and overall if you should do an attack or not. This is meant as a LEARNING TOOL and by playing around with primarch types, levels, rarities, you can get a sense of what types of primarchs are best to hit with your own.

Yes it’s complicated, but honestly glory is complicated.
Yes things may be 5-10% off if something weird is thrown into the mix (extra sieger debuffs, wrong castle level, something) but it should at least give you the knowledge you need to start making more informed decisions about what primarchs you want to use, what situations are the best to use them in, and when to explicitly stay the fck away from a battle.

Learning is the key objective here so if you learn something, i’m happy :slight_smile:
Example from the calculator:

Download your own copy now:

How many Troops on Trapper/Taunt for Max Glory?
Troop killing Calculation

Have I told you you’re amazing today? Thanks so much for another great tool.


Love you Mech! I was actually looking for this a few nights ago to help me try to do calculations to figure out glory so I could finish an Atlas season line. I couldn’t find it :laughing: obviously you hadn’t released it yet lol. Glad to have this now though. Hopefully I’ll be able to wrap my head around the maths you used :joy:


Damnnn!! That’s amazing Mechenggg! You are awesome!!! I hope I can do you justice and figure out how to use it properly. :kissing_heart:


So much value here… thank you so much for sharing, especially for sharing early! :heart_eyes:


Thank you, you’re awesome as always mech


Step 1: Put in numbers.
Step 2: Attack.
Step 3: Blame mech for failure.


Makes sense to me. :rofl:


:joy::rofl: failure will be all me I’m sure lol


Wow! No complaints from me here, especially since I haven’t even begun to understand how glory works. You always do great work Mech


You forgot step 4: tell Mech he was wrong… :joy:


Quick question for you mech as you may know the answer. Does a 5 flame 99% count the same as a 5 flame 100%?


I don’t believe it does. From my experience anyway.


I’ve never personally ran into that situation to be able to test.

However, now is the perfect opportunity to gather that data. Do a run and get 5 flames/99% and see if the numbers match up with the 5 flames or 4 flames in the spreadsheets. The way it’s currently built it reads the input flame count before the % so would read as 5 flames 100% is the same as 5 flames 99%


Thanks I think I did once quit at 99% thinking I’d get the same as a 5 flame 100% and the results were worse. However that was from gut feeling I may have a test once I get back into atlas


I’ll do a test as well and see how it goes when Atlas is back :slightly_smiling_face:


I think @Gox1201 was saying it’s the same as a 2 flame in another post


That would be super rough. But very noticeable


Serves me right for trying to be a smart ass


Sadly I hoped it would work as in wars and it doesn’t.

Slaps you with the 2 flame calc. In summary it hurts avoid doing it