Mech's Glory Calculator


@mechengg so much thanks. That is awesome. So much work and dedication there. Thanks again.


Aight, sounds like I need to make the flame count mandatory and run a secondary screening on it to ensure the correct flame multiplier is used. Thanks for confirming, will add this very odd case in


holy f*ck mech, thats gigantic work! well done!
question out of interest: did you study math or something? :octopus:


Thanks everyone for the welcome enthusiasm, it’s nice to feel the SENTIMENT even though it’s not a 100% completed item yet (and may never be due to ever changing Atlas conditions lol)

When doing your runs over the next little bit, if people could try to take some screenshots vs spreadsheet just to see if the numbers are within margin of error that would be appreciated. I’ve done my own testing and the troop imbalance still isn’t working out 100% as the description from EggToken has indicated so i’m still hesistant on it.

Also other suggestions of other important things to include in the sheet that would make a difference in the results are something that i need your feedback on. I’m up for listening and seeing what can be implemented to make this a better sheet for the people who want to truly use it.

And yes, studied many maths and programming courses in my B.Sc Engineering degree. I also like taking a concept, developing a UI and then figuring out how to make inputs derive into a usable output data set. Maybe more hobby than job related :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha :rofl:


I do maths, not words lol


Hey @mechengg thanks for sharing this. Id been considering trying to create my own but this is way better. Can i make a suggestion about rescaling goldcost though? Since gold cost goes into millions and revives stay at thousands, dividing gold by thousand might make the graph more readable. Also i think we need to be able to directly enter the fort def pwr since in a battle with multiple siegers the fort buff might not be a clean multiple. Thanks for all your effort!

EDITS : OK there mustve been a bug somewhere im seeing both axes (axises?) now. Next question is can we do it by hat cost as well as gold cost? For atlas elite gold is inconsequential, and the main cap towards troop construction is hats.


Yeah thanks for the suggestions.

The charts i provided were just a few that i thought people would want to see. I’m game for providing whatever charts people want to see, so if you want a flame comparison for hats, gold, revives, ratio, almost anything i can make it happen.

And for organization i can sort them into new tabs, or i can do any number of things with them to make them more legible, this is just what i thought would be relatively easy to do and it’s what i was looking at as i built the program lol.

As for scaling, i’ve included gold on the RH scale, not sure how effective this is but it’s what i’ve done to include both in the same chart. Again if you guys want these things split up differently let me know and i can adjust it a few different ways to see what people like.


So I thought as defender you always get 100% glory. But then this happened to me. Attacker was level 117 backed by two level 300s (but that’s another story).

Why should I be short changed on glory just because a low level noob took on something he shouldn’t have?


Probably you got so low because you only lost 750 troops?


Scaling applies to defense too. So your 1125 glory got multiplied by the opponent influence (seems like 67-68%) and you got that amount

Edit: perhaps 68% because of level? Noticed its redzone.


Yea I know. My question was:

Then the impact gets compounded if a super low level comes with a super high level backer. As a defender I cannot choose who hits me. So I should always default to 100%. That’s my point.

@pgEcho @PGDave


Honestly, glory scaling should always consider the highest level attacker’s level. It’s silly to let a level 100 attack a 150, swap out for his vanguard backer, and get max glory payouts for hiding behind the skirts of the more powerful to beat up enemies without any possible risk. Not very glorious.


@mechengg - I was wondering about the charts and how the revive rate formulas work. Was thinking that might be useful to see, but honestly, I (and probably a lot of other people) would be pretty happy with just knowing what you were able to infer about how revive rates work at various performance intervals. Would you mind sharing? :slight_smile:


Feel free to download the sheet and browse through the hidden tabs at the bottom. I’ve locked them off so you can’t change any of the data points but you should be able to view the references.

I have separated almost all properties that go into the sheet including what I’ve used/assumed for revive rates, glory scaling based on levels, troop inbalances, etc so you can just open and view the reference data points and it’s easier for me to monkey around with in the future when (not if) they make changes haha

And I will read the other above comments tomorrow, super tired now and going to bed. Something about being grumpy and not getting glory and ba humbug 🤷


Oh, nice! I figured it’d be locked down.

The table of revive rates based on flames/percentage destroyed seem inconsistent with the current results I’m getting; in particular, revive rates when attacking in the midrange seems lower. (I’ve been intentionally swapping out of attacks on siegers to try to manipulate revive rates. It shows a slight improvement over the 66% rate, but closer to 75% than 100%.) It looks like maybe this was changed? I dunno. It generally seems unwise to trust anything support says, and they seem materially incorrect when they assert the revive rates are locked at 66% (you definitely still get 100% for a full wipe), but maybe another data gather could help clarify things.


Revive ratios have been edited to reflect recent changes


Is there an update in the works for this with new glory / troops calculations?


What new calculations?
The only thing that changed to my knowledge was revive rates and I made that change the day it came out


Great, thank you! I didn’t realize it was already updated. I use a local copy and didn’t realize you had updated it. Thanks again for doing this!