Mech's Glory Calculator

Updates based on the following changes:

  • 100% glory in T4/T5 Castles
  • 100% glory for owned castles (attacker owned)
  • 1-100% Glory Level Bands tightened from 33-70% -> 40-85%
  • Revives changed from between 60-80% -> 70-90%

I have not edited the sieger debuff as suggested by @firkraagthered above. Instead i’ve simply made the cell editable, but you will lose the formula currently in there if you overwrite it.

If anybody wants other charts put in here, now is probably the best time to get this done :eyes:


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Thanks @forScience

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Hey lovelies, does anyone know why the calculator is saving as read only and i cant input data :sweat_smile: im not adept at spreadsheets unfortunately

You have to save as copy and then you can edit that copy


Just an FYI, I’d hold off on using this calculator for a bit if:

  • You are using un-even amounts of troops on primarchs (the troop loading may have been “fixed” in game)
  • You are attacking using a higher level backer, since that isn’t taken into account in my calculator yet.

Umm … what should I input if I wanna do my fighter? I accidentally put 1600 troop on it. :sob:

Edit: I feel so sad. My poor troops. They belong in the barracks. :sob::sob:

What use are troops in the barracks if you have no primarchs to use them with though?


I dunno. I like making troops but can’t bring myself to kill them.

Right now I’m annoying a certain team with my fighter and it should have only one troop. :confused:

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Fighter is technically a Bronze 1 primarch :slight_smile:

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Rookie mistake, bonding with your troops too much. Please tell me you haven’t named all of them yet!

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Larry, Curly, Moe, and 397,997 Bubbas. :grin:


Should I select Trapper, Destroyer, Taunter, or Sieger?

Destroyer :slightly_smiling_face:
Bronze 1

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Thanks! :hugs:

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It probably would have been better if Sam named them “Memento Mori” which when translated from Latin literally means ‘remember (that you have) to die’ :joy:


Sam, I hope that means you’re letting those poor troops earn the glory they were born for. The barracks must seem like an ignominious anonymous prison beyond time and space to a destined fighter. Only ten percent will die if you fight well (or bring a strong backer) and both the living and the dead will do it gloriously, to the greater benefit of your armor, your rider, and that poor stunted primarch.

Let us out! (warning: unhappiness inside)


An error was just pointed out to me in the theory of a specific case.

Attacker on their own castle trying to kill off incoming primarchs. I don’t have the fort bonus adding to the attacking stat of the primarch, only the defense.

So the calculator will be off if you select (castle 2/3 or castle 4/5) and (attackers castle) with a higher than level 0 fort.

I’ll get it fixed next week once I’m back in town on a computer, hard to fix on my phone whilst obtaining adult beverages


That’s how all the best code is written, surely!