Medal Count Not Resetting

A couple of questions I hope someone can answer:

  1. Why or when does a medal count not reset at beginning of the week?

  2. When a medal count doesn’t reset and but actually moves up (along with previous medals) for an inactive player, does this mean a player is still playing and active even though the total medal count stays the same?

There has got to be some rhyme or reason for this to be.


there are tons of posts on this
You can use search for " medal count glitch " .
Weekly medals reset to a certain number which is non-zero for some players but overall medal count is always correct. Its some glitch which PG has not resolved for long time now.

I have searched the forums for this. However, I do not find the answer to my question.

Maybe I should rephrase my question. Would a player still be active if the weekly medals do go up (although never really resetting) but the total medal count stays the same?

they don’t go up if player is inactive. some players have it reset to 500k, some to 1 M and some others a random number like 259K.
if you monitor their regularly and the number changes, that means they are active. otherwise they are not.

That would make sense…

… just trying to figure out why a leader would just up and abandon his team but still has a rising medal count.

successful defense gives you medals

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