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So, it’s no secret that weekly medal counts have been glitched for a long time now, most people know and accept this. That’s not what this is is about, this is about the total medal count of players.

There are now 2 players above 499 million medals and yet the in-game leaderboards do not accurately display their medals.
More and more people will get to this point as the game goes on and eventually the total medal count will turn into the weekly medal count, with no true meaning.

I’d just like the cap of 499mil medals to be removed from the leaderboards, and if it’s not removed to receive a legitimate reason for not wanting to :purple_heart::purple_heart:

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actually i’m interested to know how the third rank dude got crazy amount of medal at low levels :joy::joy::joy:

Don’t mind the fact that he’s in Gold 2 :eyes:

On my ex team there’s a level 150s? Who’s been at 150s since forever. But he plays regularly, does his event, does his wars and has 200m medals? Fully legit player. Just doesn’t want to level up for whatever reason. So yeah people play how they want to

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Why would someone that active be in gold 2? I doubt they!re cheating as they have saph dragons but they don’t have divines in their roster :woman_shrugging:

Just seems a tiny bit sus

IDK. :man_shrugging:t2:

I’ve seen a few who intentionally piled up egg tokens, rubies, and timers by staying at low level for more than a year.

They didn’t have 460M+ all time medals, but they definitely had more than what normal players at that level would have.

most likely a bot account. There’s very little chance that a lv 127 could get 464M medals

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You should not comment on speculation, but ask him?

I think Japanese is very hardworking to farm medals

You have to admit it’s a bit suspicious that someone that active is not interested in progressing their account

Edit: I am not saying this player did anything wrong, it’s just a little odd

We have an amazing player who’s been around 150 almost 3 years and was pissing everyone off :sweat_smile: but now when he’s with us he can breed Harbingers at lvl 220 :tipping_hand_woman: not many are able to do that but it can be an option if someone wants to.

Sorry…,Even if I translate your text, I can not understand a little about what you are saying😅
However, he understands that there is player who has a question.
He has received many mails of questions in the game…

Some people wanted to avoid Atlas back when plats were able to get Atlas. Now many former plats and actives are in gold because they have smaller teams or many other reasons. It’s not unusual for people with Atlas To be in gold.

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