Medal team reward idea

I don’t think I’ve ever seen this on forums before and I’m pretty active so I don’t think it’s on here.

Why don’t we do a team reward system for medals earned? It would reward team activity and give people something to work for sometimes when they don’t have anything to do for the event. I’m not saying give us any sigils for this but make some reward teirs and give us some speed ups, healing pots, defense repairs, tokens some stuff like that. Make max tier for like 1.5 mil medals per person on a 50 person team so 75 mil medals for max tier? Maybe the pots would only give back a little less than the potions it would take to get flames so you’d kind of be trading some of your pots and you time for speed ups and other useful stuff?

I haven’t really thought it through yet just thought of it and wanted to get the idea out there so please don’t lynch me for this not being completely thought out.

They’ve already rewarded Equilibrium being the first team to have 1000 wins. :heart_eyes:

Edit: The portrait Empousai is theirs.

Wait so when your team wins 1000 wars you get that portrait or was that limited time only?

They got the portrait during the great contest… and had a limited secondary release for being the first team to win that many wars

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Ok, just wanted to know if you could still get it because I love that portrait but that is what I thought

Well, that would be a good idea. Except, what about new members? Would they get the same even if they were in the team way less time than say a person who’d been in since creation?

Blek im sorry meant medals not flames had the damn idea and didn’t even know what I was trying to say smh, changed topic and first statement to what I meant.

They do have Team achievements in the works right now and more will be introduced soon. Please check out my idea, as I just posted it 1 hour prior to this one. Thank you. Hopefully it helps.

God I hope not. Having the most wars won vs winning the important ones. The equivalent of having the most wins at your local elementary school vs winning an NBA Championship. So much pass :joy:

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The team we beat with only 5 players was totally about skill. It was hard getting a full roster :joy:

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Masterful :laughing:

Agh fuck only read half of that post and thought it was about getting a medal for team prizes rip okay close this thread it’s embarrassing I’m sorry!

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