Mega alliance. Not so much fun in atlas

hello everyone in the community! this is a post that does not want to be offensive to anyone, indeed, it is purely positive for the game in my humble opinion! If I’m not mistaken, just the other day the willingness to stop playing with mega alliances was requested. The petition was signed by the teams of the strongest 5th in the game. The message was clear: no one would play mega alliances against a single target anymore. Now I wonder what sense did it have to send that positive message if it is not respected! I’m talking about my team and in particular my 5th. Nothing has changed since the petition was signed, indeed, only in the last three days a total of 35 teams attacked us (all between diamond and sapphire 1). If you don’t believe it, I send all battles reports individually. So, I wonder what good it was to send that message if you then continue to attack en masse against a single team. This is not meant to be a lament or a pitiful message. We at VS will continue to fight until the last troop to counter the enemies. I only tell you that, again in my opinion, you are ruining the game and in particular the fun on atlas. It will all end up stopping everyone playing or trading glory between players. How sad.
A simple player who loves this game.


There are already countless posts about Mega alliance and you already wrote the same thing here:

Closing this one.