Mega attacks not counting

I’ve had three occurrences of mega attacks not counting because the person is supposedly not part of the team I’m attacking. In the last case I verified they are there, the island was undefeated and I could attack the person outside the event.

Support has kindly pointed out the mega coin was returned to me so no resources were consumed. I’m still down about 25k points on the event and won’t hit target. My main goal is reporting it here is to see how many others are being hit by what is clearly a bug.

The island was finished before you completed your attack. Attack a shorter base or be faster in your attacks.

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As I explicitly mentioned above, that wasn’t the case.

That’s nice, but did you check chat to see if island was liberated or not? When you’re inside the event, the results are extremely delayed. You have to exit the event and go back in to make it refresh. Next time this happens (assuming you ignore my advice), check chat to see if there’s a “you’re team has liberated…” message.


At first I figured you were in low silver or bronze.

Now that I’ve seen you are up in Sapphire, this makes me wonder if it’s a new/old glitch that clever players have discovered. Could it be possible that if you swap your name mid Pvp event with that of an alt that isn’t on the team, let’s say right as a PvP round begins when the servers are under tremendous load, players can’t attack you until the server updates, by which time the PvP has ended/ the players team has successfully beaten your team?

Edit - I’ve seen this happen before, but not during a PvP. Swapped in/out alts and couldn’t attack the one I booted as the server thought they were still on my team. Possibly changing names does the same thing?

No, the island had not been liberated. That occurred later.

Jonesy, while possible I guess, it seem more likely to me that there is a bug.

Couldn’t have been much later or you would have used it on another attack right after. I think Lutrus’ explanation is correct.

I always waste my time retrying attacks on a system that clearly isn’t working. Why waste my time?

For fun.


Wasted attacks are not fun. Eg: zero GP hits in atlas that happen ALL the time.

I’d say submit a ticket, but PG doesn’t actually care. I had the same issue, and was told it was because the defender wasn’t matched with the team we were hitting in event. Which is BS since obviously I hit the target team from the battle menu in the event, and I even got the attack completed points breakdown, but since I didn’t screenshot it, PG doesn’t actually give a flying f*ck about it and said it didn’t happen. Then after pressing further they say the attack DID happen but it was delayed. Like you I had checked in between in the chats to see if the “liberated” message had popped, which it hadn’t, allowing me to launch a second mega attack (also unsuccessful).

I started that round with a sired mega coin and 200 energy. After two failed attacks I had 1 mega coin and 100 energy and no more points than when I’d started. But naturally PG denies that’s a problem.

So I guess I’ll just add my name to the I endless list of people submitting refund requests to Apple for defective product as PG can’t seem to actually deliver a playable game. No, they’d rather spend all their time designing ugly pig avatars than an actual game that works…


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