Mega Coin Attacks

So I am not sure if anyone seems to have noticed that mega coins have become the go to attack mode during pvp events. It seems very unfair that there is no limit on them. I mean you can have 3-4 ppl use mega coin attacks and then the island is gone.

I personally think that mega coin attacks should be taken away and we go back to the regular attacks - making it fair for everyone. If there is no way to remove them, then maybe a way to limit them.

This is just my opinion but it’s becoming very frustrating for those that don’t spend and grind hard for every point just to have people/teams utilize nothing but mega coin attacks.

Never noticed. Any more details on this?


Not sure if everyone is seeing it but in my league it’s occuring. Pvp island comes up and 2 minutes later it’s gone. Can’t kill an island that quick with only 3 people unless they are all mega coin attacks.

The game is not designed for fairness. It is designed to give those who spend more on the game an advantage. The Mega Coin exists for that sole reason.


The game has become pay to play. Period. Mega Coins are one of the biggest examples of how poorly implemented this game is. PG has no clue how to create, implement, and evolve an IAP game where they maintain a high subscriber base while continuing to grow it. They are content with the current subscriber base and the large number of spenders, without considering ways to increase players who spend.

Also, team rewards are a freaking joke in this game. You should be focusing solely on individual points in the game, including every PvP event. Once you get to the higher individual prize tiers, team rewards appear as an after-thought.


Have you try mega coin attack? It$ fun though racing between your teammate$, who’ point count for lot$ of mega coin attack$. b$_$d


And yet, all of us are still here… We’re such Muppets… :joy:


Couldn’t be more true :rofl:

Pay to Play means buying the content to play it. Pay to Win is what I think you are wanting to say since that is paying to become stronger and paying to gain more points.

It has been that but PG seems to have ramped that up significantly. it is what it is.

And this is the reason why.

We certainly do not stay because PG has made this into a quality game. Atlas’s short comings are a great example of what PG brings to the game.


The sarcasm is strong with this one.


No, I meant what I said. At a certain point, the game becomes unplayable. Progression nearly grinds to a halt. Not to mention the rift between spenders and non-spenders (and Atlas and non-Atlas teams) grows. I’m at that point where I’m very close to just packing it in. It is Pay to play.

PG is better off converting the game to a subscription model and getting rid of packs, etc. Equalize the playing field, while offering a ton more “goodies” to all players.


I agree. I do not know how mega coins are supposed to help balance the game when it gives spenders/teams an advantage while causing major disadvantage with non spenders/teams. Grinding hard for nothing seems to be a waste of time now. The bonus meter way better and it made things so much more equal. Now with that gone, it’s all about money and paying your way to the top. What happened to the fun and making the game fair for all?

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No way! PG only cares about short term monetary gain and trying to squeeze as much as they can out of players before it dies…good thing you alerted us :+1:

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ah but they are getting away with doing both, so why would they change it? (Elite account is basically a subscription model)

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Might want to shed some details on how it becomes unplayable because the mega coin certainly has nothing do to with whatever you are talking about.

There are some who’d disagree, but they can’t say that, because they aren’t here. :joy:

How about the sudden halt in growth you have to do at mid 100s because you can’t breed fast enough? I flew through my first 100 levels easy as pie and loved it, now I’m over 200 and I can’t allow myself to keep growing because I have to breed and it takes forever if you don’t spend. It’s dull.

Mega coins do also have an impact. For example, your team is smashing a pvp island and has a significant lead on it. The other team pulls out one or 2 megas and undoes your group effort in moments. They make events a spend fest and whoever has more wins. Also dull.

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I assume you are speaking of things slowing down due to speed of breeding.

Again, breeding has nothing to do with mega coins. That is only used in the events that are quasi PvP in nature.

You asked for examples of how the game has become unplayable, I talked about the game becoming unplayable. Largely because it’s becoming spend or don’t progress which I find a complete turn off; a game shouldn’t suddenly throw on the breaks halfway through. But I never said breeding had anything to do with megacoins- I answered the megacoin bit seperately with a clear example/ reason of why they make the game unplayable if you aren’t a spender or someone interested in wasting resources


And still waiting. The game does not become unplayable as you say, it just slow down.

Heck, I acknowledge it slows down. It does not halt.

Maybe some misunderstand the core design of this game. It is designed to encourage spending. It baits people with a fast pace early on but quickly shows that is someone wants to become stronger faster they will need to spend, but it does not come to a halt.

BTW, this has nothing to do with this topic. Also I am not defending the game, just reminding some about the business model PG has for this game. I can care less if people like it or not.

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