Mega coin expense

30 energy packs for a mega coin? For even a 100 energy pack :roll_eyes:

Not sure what level you are, but you should know at this point that energy packs have always had inflation on subsequent purchases. It resets every 24 hours and it’ll tell you when the price resets.

This may be similar to what he was talking about… not totally sure.

But at the beginning of event yesterday was saying I needed 112 energy to buy a mega coin attack and thus needed to use extra energy crates to get it. Even before using any other crates. Sent a ticket and they said it is a bug and to do a forced reset but still is persisting.

do not refill straight from that as that is using normal refill without the discount.

That’s 7 refills which gives you 112 energy (16 energy x 7 refill) and then it will use 100 and leave you with 12 energy.

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Same situation as ErsenK. I haven’t used a mega since the 1st pvp. Had 132x energy packs. I now have 33 after 1 mega attack. Still says I require 30 energy packs to run another mega attack

is this with the conversion on packs?
This is just an example:
First 2 = 1pack per
Next 2= 2packs per

So did you include this?

yes if you refill using the refill option on the mega attack prompt, it will not use the 20% discount like when you tap the [ + ] from the upper left portion of the event page.

This is the energy pack cost per refill:
1, 1, 2, 2, 2, 3, 3, 3, 4, 4, 4, 5, 5, 6, 6,

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Kenshiki, you’re saying I should buy the energy separate as just a refill and then buy the coin after I have the 100? Just making sure I’m understanding you correctly

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yes if you refill using the one with the 20% discount, you save more.

Haha thanks you answered as I was typing out my question

For visual understanding

My problem isn’t the conversion. It’s that I’ve done 2 mega attacks and it used 90+ energy packs

Silly question. Did you use 2 Mega after buying lota of energies? ( 1 or 2 x 100 energies) I mean before price reset.

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