Mega coin quit removal

So it seems there is a effort to try and make pvps more competitive… I’d like to suggest getting rid of the mega coin quit function The whole launching a attack on a base you can’t manage and quitting to save the rss ruins the need to defend cause they will Quit s not have to use the rss and your time defending is wasted


No. Just no.

But Why?

The rss for mega is high. I can’t imagine having a network connection at this time and got zero score because of it.

Or a stray notification pop up.

And frankly, if a certain % is destroyed then they get points and no coin is returned. If that threshold isn’t met then they’re just wasting their time, which is an especially dumb thing to do in timed rounds :woman_shrugging:t2:

But what if you offer to back a lower player and then you don’t get the join invite (which happens A LOT) ?


So am I the only person that has defended a hit during pvp to see repeatedly attackers quit with 0% destroyed. We can all admit that this is not one of these mentions what ifs… this is people unwilling or unable to take the base and saving the rss🤷‍♂️ Yes they are expensive and yes not getting all the points from the attack you launched is not what they want. But you are gambling that 100 energy and 20 innerfire when you hit the attack button and when they have a easy way to withdrawal there rss without loosing it kinda lessens the need for the defense

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Cant say I have seen that, but that’s not to say it doesn’t happen. I’m clearly not scary enough :smiley:

If possible, perhaps link the Mega quit removal to people hitting the quit button. Instead of lack of killing the base. I’m pretty sure In order to get any points though you need to destroy some percentage.

Yes if you get 1% on attack it counts but what the common is these days is to hit to high and when defended quit before you kill any % of the base and save the mega coin :expressionless: 0 risk to attacker

I guess the best thing is to limit it, you can’t do more than 5 attacks with 1 mega for example.

This could be the solution for you problem.


I think this is a good compromise. Even 2 or 3 is good. You have to allow for game crashes, bugs, phone calls, etc… otherwise support would get 1000 more requests a day to refund mega coin for various reasons.


True !

I guess I could see that. My issue is the blatant quitting. It ruins the sport of defending!