Mega Coins, negatively impacting the competitiveness for more money

From the stream today talking about Fight Pit, the PG employee said that they have heard good feedback on MegaCoin.

Where has PG been getting its data? Fixed surveys sent to only spenders for a fixed result?

Mega Coins have ruined the competitiveness of events and made them more spending events, if spending for gold chest to try and get energy packs wasn’t enough…

Also how Mega Coins has negatively effected point needed to get prizes in event, made it to hard for even light spender to get majority of the prizes.

Maybe y’all should reach out to all player not just select few


That is what I head them say also despite the comments section being completely against the Mega coin. No response on questions regarding bringing back the bonus meter.


MegaCoins are horrible!!!


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@TheRedDelilah let’s continue this fight! :wink:


Preach brotha


Hey, let em spend their money and fuel future development.

I also know some nonspenders that use Megas. Ok 1, maybe 2 Megas per event. I miss the points you got with the bonus meter and valors, etc, but I don’t miss the grind. Yes, I don’t get as many points, but who cares. If you are gonna spend in WDs to succeed, you have to SPEND. Otherwise, enjoy the ride :+1:


I really have to agree that mega coins have destroyed the competitiveness of events…

Wish PG would actually listen to its player base


The last time I tried to get a mega coin my rubies got zapped, I’m out over 70k rubies and support is basically saying that I don’t get them back until they fix the problem and they have no idea what the problem is at this time.

If it’s broken and people don’t like it, GET RID OF IT.

I understand that micro transaction games will always be won by spenders but losing my stash I saved for trying to keep up with spenders is driving me insane!

I hope they get rid of this so I can get my rubies back.


You know what’s the best thing? When you defend people doing mega attacks hahahahahaah! Only fun thing about mega coins…


Completely agree. I used to do ok in pvp events, but after the mega coin came I get half of what I used to. Maybe less. I’d rather grind for my points than use the mega coin.


Unfortunately you can’t identify if they are using it or not…make it visible PG - it’ll be more fun!! :joy:


You’re right but you know after they come crying in LC :slight_smile: or start farming you:))

In the last tug of war we were against a team we would easily beat in a war and most events. (Max level was 75 below our 2nd highest account on the team) It is definitely possible for them to do well in that event with grinding under normal scenarios. However, no matter how many points we built up against them, at the end of the round, they would spam us with mega attacks, 2 of them sometimes 5 or 6 depending on how far ahead we were. They took our flag every single round… No chance to fight back without us spending and even then they simply used more mega coins. With 17 rounds averaging 3 megas per round (against only one of the 24 other teams) means they used approx 51 mega attacks against just our team.

It is an unfair game dynamic for that many points to be available that quickly. To go from loosing a flag to taking away a flag in one 2 min run is ridiculous. It has removed the fun and the grind from events.

Ditch the stupid Coin, bring back the bonus meter!

At least with the bonus meter you had a reason to attack throughout the rounds to keep your multiplier. You were still able to get good points with a full meter and super attacks.

The coin is simply a blatant money grab which is pushing away your main player base.


You are right - it takes all strategy and teamwork out of the game. One single spender can carry the whole team now in these events.


I would love megacoins if they were a straight up addition to the game. But they weren’t. Their introduction removed the bonus meter and other consumables, plus barely lowered the upper prize tiers making them impossible to achieve without using spending.

Super attacks were allowed with the bonus meters and you essentially paid a 20% penalty for convenience. They should have done the same with megacoins. Megacoin equals 25 attacks or something like that but you pay for 30 attacks. The spenders would be happy because they could get massive attacks and the grinders would also be happy because they could still achieve the top prize tiers with significant effort.

So I like the idea of megacoins. I hate that they felt that they needed to remove the bonus meter and other consumables.


Megacoins with a bonus meter would be a disaster. Same issue, you shouldnt be able to go from loosing a flag to winning a flag with 1, 2 min run. A super attack with a full bonus meter nets approx 1500 points. It would take you from loosing a flag back to neutral. A megacoin with a full bonus meter (shudder) is approx 4500-5000 points (Not sure, only ever used the one free coin they gave out) That is ridiculous in an event where a 2000 point spread is the difference between winning and loosing.


Once we had ten online players doing superattacks with IFs vs one player doing megas. Guess who ruined teamwork and competitiveness and got (bought) the flag?


From the team, they have gone in and adjusted the point tier thresholds to account for the lack of a bonus meter.

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Yes, they did. Unless they have LOWERED them, again, then it still isn’t enough.

We have been told, many times, that the point tier thresholds have been adjusted, but that typically means new, higher tiers, and you get less points per attack. But this is going off of what has happened in the past. Every PVP event is a chance to right some wrongs. So far, we are batting .000, and I hate baseball.


Ok they adjusted after taking bonus meter out and then readjusted (back up) for mega coin(the killer of all event it is used)

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