Mega Coins, negatively impacting the competitiveness for more money


You are still comparing IF to energy and not energy packs. 1 pack : 12 IF not 4 energy : 3 IF


Not trying to be snarky and maybe this was brought up before (likely since you are obviously quite intelligent), but can you benefit your team mates by joining their runs and using an IF to help them gain more points? It seems to work that way for me. That way they wouldn’t sit on the proverbial virtual shelf.

I wish I had a surplus of either one to be honest. I blow through all of my IF and most of my energy every PVP since the bonus went away just to try (and sometimes fail) to hit the 450 sigil prize.


No, I am not and haven’t.


No worries…and yes, I already do


The drop rate is 1:1.05? it’s 15 PACKS in legendary drop to 20 IF. So using the math if we open packs 10 at a time it’s 150 energy:20 IF in the drops of gold chest. I think you are forgetting that energy doesn’t drop as just energy, it drops within energy packs that give more up 16 energy. So comparing 4:3 doesn’t make sense.

1 energy pack = 12 IF, correct? This seems the right way to compare the two since energy drops from chests in packs.


Two separate things… drop rates are entirely separate from consumption rates… consumption rates are essential to understand what is actually being used… drop rates Are only used to show how the surplus could be accumulated.

When I refer to the drop rates, I am referring to totals of actual amounts… so drops of energy packs are 16 energy per pack… so if one pack is dropped I mean 16 and you can aggregate from there. drops of IF are already individualized so a drop of 15 IF is still 15. It makes no sense to limit to the individual drops since the drop values differ (rare, epic, legendary) in size. Similarly, limiting a sample size to drops in a single 10 gold chest purchase is equally too limited. So the ratio of 1:1.05 is total amounts of individual energy to individual IF and NOT packs or chests… doing so adds confounding variables and limits sample size, make any analysis or comparison too prone errors.


Why doesn’t the drop rate matter, as that is how (mostly) these are acquired? From bronze chest energy pack and IF drop at the “rare” level at 1 each. That is 16 energy:1 IF. How is energy the one that needs the boost there?

Why are you so insistent upon using energy as it’s own unit and not energy packs which is how they drop? If energy packs only gave 4 energy each, I’d get your point more easily.

Edit: I have a habit of saying “drop rate” and such when I just mean the amount that comes in when dropped, apologies.


I don’t get it either. Only thing that makes sense to me is that people with surplus IF are spending a lot of packs for energy at max cost. Although, that is still hard to understand because if I did the same then I would have even less IF but you can’t have less than 0.

Do mega attacks use energy faster than IF vs. doing normal attacks with 3 IF? Maybe that has something to do with it?


Yeah I mean clearly somehow someway he has a huge surplus of IF, so I’m not disputing him on that, but I don’t see how it’s due to too much IF being dropped and not enough energy. There is also the free energy that regenerates which used as it comes = 3 IF spent per hour (amount of time to generate 4 energy for an attack) and 0 of your own energy inventory spent.


Right but it’s dropping 16 energy to one inner fire dude. Or at the very worst conversion of 5 packs to refil 16 energy, you will get 16 energy to 5 inners. 4 attacks of energy to 1.66~ inners worth. If we aren’t talking about consumption what on gods earth are we talking about? What else are they for?


That’s ok… I tend to use drop rates instead of saying overall acquisition rates. … and it is specifically because the size of each drop and frequency are better analyzed deaggregated and over temporal span that they have the opportunity to be used. In this case, that was the duration of one pvp event. That doesn’t mean you can’t provide equitable values kind of like what you’re doing, but ultimately the totals need to be based on individual elements since the consumption rate needs to be measured that way.


Individual elements is what I’m trying to speak in. 1 energy pack (which is how energy comes) vs. 1 IF (which is how IF comes).


Was about to buy my usual PvP value pack…noticed they put energy packs instead of IF now. Oh well, money saved.


I have never seen so much hyperbole in my life. Deaggregated over a temporal span? Come on man. You are thinking way to hard about this. Ask your teammates. Ask in lc. I dunno. I’m done arguing about simple game facts though lol.


Mc suck I refuse to use them …as far as the if debate I always have more energy packs than if I do buy packs but not on a huge scale no clue how anyone can end up with such a huge amount of if did they used to drop in larger amounts in the past as I’ve heard healing potions did?? I’ve only been playing since the summer so have limited info on such data


So from my over 2 years experience with this game mega coins finally killed pvps for us. We were always a very competitive team when it came to pvps and grinding was a given but this is pointless now.

I accepted it and use the MC myself to be in a position to be not bothered much with playing that spenders events. :man_shrugging:t2:

Many on my team including myself maxed KOTH and the hours and hours of grinding felt good. But that’s one good event left out of a dozen shitty ones.

Pvps aren’t team events anymore.
MC give you more free time when it comes to individual points which isn’t that bad.


Almost 200 messages in. Zero change.


Mega Coins destroy every event they are introduced to. PG can say whatever they want, but since they will never release the data showing the “massive” support for this item, and they make a ton of money off them, why would they get rid of them? I know if I were the one making money selling a worthless virtual object, and people complained but kept buying them, I wouldn’t stop selling them.

PG understands only one language–dollars.

Players can whine and complain all they want, it doesn’t matter. As long as enough players keep spending money on items they “need” to win an event or complete the prizes, PG has no motivation at all to reduce their monetization attempts. And yes, PG has made it virtually impossible to “complete” and event with mega attacks. The new point limitations and the removal of the bonus meter mean a level 5 player can hit a level 500 player, and he will still have a base reward of 131 points. I remember when, with one backup, full bonus, and 3 IF, getting over 2,000 points on a super run was easy. Now, that same combo is lucky to get you 1,000.

You don’t like mega coins? Stop buying them just to win the round. The positive feedback regarding the coins is not what people think–it’s what people spend. Speak the language your dragon masters comprehend. As long as your wallets are open, your words are meaningless.

~Power to the Players


their “Massive support” just means people are using them. Not that they are actually wanted.


They said that they received positive feedback on it… Lol…