Mega Coins, negatively impacting the competitiveness for more money


positive sales maybe lol


I wonder how the ban will effect the mega coin stats!!!


When people don’t have time to stay in front of their device for hours, but they want to get their event points quick, mega attacks are handy.
I agree they are the worst in points/energy-IF but who am I to judge ? If Megas are in play and people want to do one attack in 3 minutes and be back next day for another one instead of grinding 1.45 hours a day, maybe they think their time is better used elsewhere…


This is not the post about those people. This is the thread about its negative impact on the competitiveness. Obviously people in your example are not competitive. Especially with the ways that cheaters got their rubies etc, they can get 300 mega coins and shift favors of their team within minutes if not seconds on the event. You are basically saying f*** you to all the people that put 1.45 hours of grind at a time because someone with mega coin can mess all that up.

Here’s an idea:
Make mega coin attack only apply for personal points and don’t have them as a part of team points when you’re taking over an island or similar situations in other pvp events…

Problem fixed…


I totally agree with Megas being only for personal gain, not a PvP win battle factor. But do you think PG would like it ? I am a grinder, not a Mega user.


If they continue to ignore this thread then it doesn’t even matter and I’m not making a new thread with that idea either…


Even if you kept the personal point aspect, I feel like this would eliminate the vast majority of reasons to ever use the mega coin. At that point I’d rather just see the thing be done with entirely (which I am already in favor of anyway).


This thread will never die unless they make a month long stretch of no pvp events. :joy:


Wonder if all the cheaters that had unlimited RSS were spamming Megas and making it look like we liked them.


Dislike the megacoins personally. Liked the Bonusmeter better. Felt like we could earn more points by being active than just purchasing something and using megacoins.


Bonus meter + x100 energy buys were the way to go.


Mega coins seem especially ridiculous for team gauntlet a team cleared the pvp Island in 6!!! Minutes … at least in tow you can have a chance of taking it back though to be clear I highly dislike them in general… I only did a couple of events with the bonus meter but it seemed a much fairer way


I feel like mega coins definitely has its place in some pvp events but it should never exist in others, such as this one(Team gauntlet) where its a matter of which team’s highest lvls can wipe out the weakest player’s base the fastest. what I as well as everyone else believes that it should never have come as a replacement for the bonus meter which did have a place for many of the pvp events.


You do realise you can still clear the opponent’s island right? Also they don’t actually ‘steal’ any VP from you - that mechanic has been broken for as long as I can remember.

This is probably the event where I don’t mind megas as it doesn’t really impact me in that I can still get the points on offer, except of course the team that uses it is able to get more points - but they’ve paid and I haven’t so no biggie.

Events like ToW where it’s essentially win or lose then I’m absolutely against megas particularly at end of rounds.

Now, if the ‘steal’ VP mechanic gets fixed then I’m all opposed to megas for this event also!! :joy:


You sound like you don’t understand how this event works then? :man_shrugging:

Weak bases give less points - no decent team is going to target the opponent’s weak players - we’re always going to gun for the top 10 on that team.


This is exactly why we don’t defend. As Akaela said:

“The attacker would lose the Inner Fire or Mega coin, and that is just mean.” :unamused:


Defend or not, that is up to you and your team - I don’t mind either way. I can understand if teams want to defend particularly if the scores are close - e.g. both islands have less than 10k HP left. I actually enjoy flying vs defended bases - gives me some practice for wars, and also I’ll drop a couple more IFs on the run if it is defended just to stick it in :joy:


The stealing vp mechanism seems to be working and yes we still clear their island


The other team doesn’t actually lose any VP. Their score on the leader board remains the same. You do however get more VP for beating them


Maybe make a percentage of mega attack count towards the PVP island HP or team score and full point goes into personal.

Eg 50% goes to team and 100% count towards personal points.

The numbers are just for clarifying what i meant

Because mega is mainly advertised as for those who dont have a lot of time but still need or want high scores. But if youre not as active in event, it should be reflected in team performance while making personal achievements good with spending.