Mega Coins, negatively impacting the competitiveness for more money


That’s the best feeling ever! Smack someone on the mega attack. Why try to hit a base you can’t defeat? Lol


Unfortunately they get still 50% of the points even when it’s a 0% attack


Yeah that’s a bummer, but you still hear them whine in LC… :)))


Lol love that too :joy:


Mega coins have definitely ruined the Team Gauntlet event. In the space of about 5 minutes, the leading team killed our PvP island. There is no more battling it out, it’s just about which team is willing to BUY the win.

At least we’re battling it out for second place, but this game is losing it’s appeal when teams can just BUY 1st place.


I agree Zorne. And have the same feeling. I feel this event needs some tweaking if megas are going to be the main focus. Especially for the pvp Island.


I personally hate and like the mega coin when I have time I would rather do a regular attack with three Inner fires I have no choice but to use it just to get points because the pvp is dead within six minutes :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: and I only have time to do one attack with the mega Because everyone is using the mega If things don’t change I will most likely just quit the game :man_shrugging:t2: Because I’m being forced to play how I don’t want to


Based on the response you can literally feel how little the event designer cares :joy:


Seriously. Might as well just put a “Beat Opposing Team for 50k Rubies” button that everyone on the team can help click on. I am sure their data would show how much the community loves to use that button.


It seams all yall care about is the money u make from events… But you start off with gliches. And then you steal rubies from me then im minus 330 rubies how is that…then i dont get my 30000 points rewards… So when are y’all gonna give me back what y’all stole and yes i will say this over and over in every chat i can find to y’all give me what i paid for and earned… I had 1400 rubies left before i was 330 minus now im at 282 cause yall are stillstealing rubies from me


I know a few players who would love this…


Fight pits … why not rename them into MegaCoin Pits?

One of the most boring Events… same lavel als Conquer the world in the meantime. Mindless grinding withouth any Chance of proceeding if you don´t have MegaCoin Users in your clan.

Also who had the brilliant idea of the time delay/cooldown of the usage? Honestly… how should that help!!! Same effect as using it in the end simply displaying the Illusion you can still change it.



I truly do miss the bonus meter… kept me playing the game for long infinite times. Kept me from doing things I wasn’t supposed too. Alas😆 the mega coin is here. Log in, hit the event for less than half the time, log out, and go do things I’m not suppose to do…oh well… Cę La Vie


Current event is getting controlled by mega coins, totally ruin it for teams who not have a bag of mega coins standing ready and take a island in 10 minuts. :clap:


I like the fact that mega coins are disabled 15 mins in advance from capture the flag and helps teams co ordinate better, this event is alway hard as three people with mega coins in plat 1can win a pvp in around 2 mins with quick devices. It either need to have more points per team to space I think out is my opinion from 30k to say 100k. Given players more chance of getting attacks in


As much as I deplore mega coins we’ve been forced to use them to stay competitive in this event… smh :woman_facepalming:


There is no competivity between teams when they do 5 attacks and take all the island hp, if you make it 100k hp, they just trow in more mega coins.
I understand the spending idea behind the mega coin, just not the way it would be competitive between teams.


FTFY. That’s all that’s going to happen if they increase it or they’ll just make teams skip it completely since it won’t be worth the effort.


Why not have an option. Bonus meter or mega? Not both. If u choose bonus meter then mega is disabled. If u choose mega then bonus is disabled. Do not like mega either


You are right , but for the average player like myself (not big spender) who uses super attacks I could least get two to three attacks in rather than just get one in, it would make the event a lot more fun rather than winning or losing within 3 mins. Of course you will always have teams that will suddenly drop 10 megas and it will be over but for most teams that will make teamwork more crucial. That just my opinion as I enjoy most about this game is the teamwork required.