Mega Coins, negatively impacting the competitiveness for more money


Mega coin has ruined the events

Not to also call pg out on this so called new event called fight pit, which is old events in a new format that also uses the money grabbing Mega Coin that has put money in front of competitive gaming


Amen bro, Amen


The problem I see with mega coins is its the only way to purchase inner fires with rubies. If I have enough inner fires for a mega coin, I would rather do single attacks with 3 inner fires each. Maybe making inner fires a little more common in chests would help to balance things out.


Im not worried about personal points here. My concern with the dumb MegaCoins is that it takes away all competitiveness when one player can score 3500 points in 2 min and undo 4 hours of an entire teams hard work. It is not a good game dynamic and has negatively impacted Tug of War and other PvP style events.

Edit: Tell them the bonus meter needs to come back and they can readjust the points tier to how it was. Just get rid of the Megacoin


Great for personal prizes but that does very little for teams trying to remain competitive against teams that can afford countless megacoins.


If someone rages in chat because of it​:joy::joy::joy: I just send a :kissing_heart: If that happens


I have been debating how to respond to this issue, as it’s one of the more “hot-button” issues around the forums. But, I have to say it: I LIKE MEGA COIN

Hold on before you throw stones!!

• Mega Coin is actually LESS efficient than Super Attack and Regular Attack.

5 x Regular > 1 x Super
5 x Super > 1 x Mega

Plus you need the additional 20 Inner Flames for Mega Coin.

• The only true benefit to Mega Coin is speed, you sacrifice a ton of efficiency to quickly get some points.

If your team is really that active and cooperative and using 2 backers with IF per run, you should build up enough points so that getting slammed with MegaCoins at the last minutes wont wreak you.

And if you’re not rocking IF on every dragon and using 2 backers per run, you’re probably going to lose anyways.

• Players that can’t play all day can save up energy during rounds/resets, then pop on and hit their MegaCoins.

This lets them contribute by winning back some flags (Or capturing a Fort, or Burning an Island… Depends on the event).

• Coordinated Super Attacks near the end of the round, etc. would still out-do MegaCoin, unless you’re simply not far enough ahead or you’re not coordinated as you think.

Basically, I’m saying the prooblem here is not the MegaCoin as much as it is peoples’ methods of dealing with it.

It is beneficial. It CAN be detrimental. It IS NOT a guarantee of victory.

And yes, I used almost only Mega Coins on last Tug of War, because I waa working 10hrs/day 7days/wk.

My team still lost significant amounts of flags, and we had people slamming last minute Megas, too. In fact, the only rounds we did good on were ones where we had someone online coordinating targets and attack types. Those we had 10:1 - 10:2 win:loss ratio… And we didn’t spam Megas.

Strategy & Skill > Money (unless they have all 3 lol)


If anyone is using Mega coins before the last 3mins of the round then they aren’t using it properly. So there lies the issue that you yourself pointed out. Time (or speed as you put it)

No matter how coordinated you are, you cannot beat a Mega coin attack used properly because there simply isn’t enough time to respond. Therefore it is a guarantee of victory.

So, all u got left as a strategy against megas is to build a super large lead, like 4k at least to dissuade the Mega coin user against targeting your team, then hope that they don’t turn up.


The argument here is rather moot.

If you are facing teams that can consistantly hit a significant amount of teams with multiple MegaCoins in the last 3 min of every round, you probably would not win against them with MegaCoin removed anyways.

And yes, you absolutely should know which teams are likely to come after you frequently with late Mega attacks and coordinate your efforts around it. If you plan correctly, you can launch a bunch of Supers when you see their banners pop, and it will keep you in margin. And by “bunch” I mean like 3…

But I digress. The options are:

a) Claim it’s impossible, so give up and lose
b) Play around it
c) Even the playing field
d) Quit

I remember when Blizzard launched Cataclysm and people complained it was too hard. They issued a statement saying “We intended the game ti require skill. So far, it’s been far too easy. This content is beatable; it is being beaten by those with enough skill to do so.”


Not sure what league you are in but there are some teams in Diamond that will pop mega coins until they know there is no return, you can try to counter but before you know they have pushed far ahead.

There is no counter to heavy spendes…
and at a league that should be at the competitive high point of the game these attacks take the competitiveness out and puts money first


@iDREAMiKILLERi This argument is more of a “Pay to Play” vs “Free to Play”; with or without MegaCoin, those Teams would still spend and be on top, it just wouldn’t be as devestatingly obvious to you.

I’ve also seen the argument of "Well now we can’t maximize the event without excessive spending. But we could with the Meter!”. I call BS on that as well, because last Tug of War event, I purchased 1 pack and maxed the event and scored in the top 500 globally. You just have to be more efficient.

And as for the WD staff saying that they have seen an increase in activity on PVP events since MegaCoin, I absolutely believe it. A lot of those “whales” work a lot of long hours and play the game for just a little bit while winding down between shifts; it’s how we afford all of those MegaCoins :stuck_out_tongue: So if I had to log in and spend hours upon hours in the game to progress in prizes, I just wouldn’t bother; I’m not looking for a second career.

However, for those people that can spend a lot of time in the game, the time sink vs money sink is easily comparable.

As for the people with both money AND time; you wouldn’t beat them either way. And people woth neither money nor time; well, they probably have more important things to worry about.


I prefer bonus meter over mega coin.


@TheVoodooMacab it’s not that of “free to play” vs “pay to play”, I pay to play just prefer to not blow all my money on a game as poorly maintained as this is…

The point is how since Mega Coin has been introduced the Competitiveness of events has been thrown to the side. Yes people still used to pay for energy/ while others were able to strategically save chest or push for prizes to hope to open gold chest for energy pack but it still was more Competitive.


@iDREAMiKILLERi I guess that’s where we end up disagreeing. I haven’t noticed any difference other than more people being active, which makes it harder for me (a coiner) to dominate everyone.

I guess with that being said, I’d have to say it’s actually more of a challenge with MegaCoin


I don’t know how to get on the old forum but someone already posted the link from Red’s discussion of this. In that discussion is the only official response I’ve ever read of mega coins, in it the pg worker of events, a new guy to forums, said they actually saw a reduction in the time people were playing the game. Which in my mind says less activity…he also maid that sound like a good thing. I just want the bonus meter so I can grind again.


It’s hilarious that they say “we heard good feedback” :joy: I have not read a single positive thing about it. Here or LC. Watch team activity during major events now; even in D1. We would generally go from 100 to 90. Now many teams get to 70s. They have made the events garbage. However the proof is in the pudding, if they are a positive thing for their revenue it will stay regardless of if we like it or not.

Clearly all the complaining in the world means nothing to them in this matter. There is only 1 way to force them to take action.


See my post above for link to red’s post


I think PG asked their bank for feedback and the bank had good feedback. This has nothing to do with gameplay, player base, anything. Changing the points is great and all but it doesnt allow for people who simply are will to put effort in and dont want to just throw money at it alone. I know it is asking a lot but can there be some sort of achievement for skill? And not the skill of hitting “Buy”.


You do realize this is not simply a points issue…


I completely agree with u, I’d rather grind a 100 energy over and over again than ever do a mega coin. That happened to us with the mega coin all last pvp. Bring back our bonus meter :rage: