Mega Coins, negatively impacting the competitiveness for more money


And then everyone quit. Blizzard then made the game easier and some players came back.

There is one a few posts above yours.

I’d rather mega coins disappear as well.


Alot of people buy mega coins, that is the only feedback PG needs.
A hundred folks on the forums, who, no offense, tend to complain about almost everything, probably don’t carry much weight no matter how much we spend.


Why not have a poll to vote? Pg I Guess the number against might be high.


Mega coins enable players to get the same rewards in just 2 minutes that it would take an hour of gameplay.
So mega coins actually reward and encourage players to not spend time playing the game
I struggle to see how either a developer or player could see that as a positive addition to the game.


It’s attractive to the developer because that convenience (more of a mandatory expenditure to be competitive in upper leagues) costs $$$. If people spend less time in game but spend more, seems like a nice trade for PG.


i think most top teams have skill and strategy and only lose on money.


Yeah, I was really freaking infuriated when I heard that on the Facebook stream. What he actually said (I believe) was that they had decided people really like Mega Coins because the data shows that people are using them. Never mind that 99.9999999% of the feedback on the forums and Facebook and everywhere else from the players has been negative. Most of the people using Mega Coins are doing it because you have set up the game that way so they have no choice!! They have to do it to be competitive! That doesn’t mean they now LIKE mega coins. :roll_eyes:

Meanwhile, for those of us not using Mega Coins (of which there HAVE to be a ton) the events have turned into a complete and utter boring slog-fest. I can barely motivate myself to get in there and knock out 100 energy per day because I don’t feel like I’m making any progress or contributing. It used to be so exciting to see that bonus meter go up and feel like I was really getting to a point where I was making a difference for my team. Now, I’m just chipping away at 100-110 points per hit, attack after attack. It’s boring and frankly, demoralizing. :sweat:

It’s extremely tone deaf for PG to not only ignore the overwhelming negative feedback on this issue, but to have the gall to come out and try to say that “Data proves people like it”?!?? Come on, PG. We’re not that stupid.


Well there are people who are rich enough to use megacoins but not much. My team high spender had turn his very active status to low activity due to the megacoin. Not sure is that what pg wants to see. Btw megacoins in total pay out lesser than normal attacks with bonus meter. Obviously I’m not a spender and I used to get 3/4 of major events due to the bonus meter and now less than half. A lot of us still may not have access to post hence cannot voice out. Hope pg can seriously consider this. Send out a Google form just ask " do you like megacoins Or do you prefer bonus meter" I Guess the answer will be quite clear


To say Megacoins makes the game less competitive is flawed.

The point of the league system is you end up in a league where you are competitive (at least for half the time). Just because its not in a league as high as you want, or are used too, does not mean Megacoins makes it less competitive, just means you got to up your game or spend to stay in the league full of big spenders.

You make your own choice if you want to be competitive in a league like that.

Down in the lower leagues Megacoins do not seem to have as much impact as described in this thread, or at least I have not seen it.
But I get why PG provide it and players use it - I miss the bonus meter :sob:


They have done polls before, never changes anything. PG knows what needs to be fixed, they just see the money and decide not to change it.


For those who say that the mega coin doesn’t make the game less competitive, the thing is that with mega coins, if a team has 3 people do a mega coin attack at the end of a round for example (of CTF) they can easily take the flag away from you. Doesn’t matter how much grinding or strategy you had, that amount of points from one attack tilts the bar very quickly. It ruins the strategy/grinding to win component of these major events. With normal attacks, you can regulate how much a team can get at the end, mega attacks…yeah it doesn’t work like that.


And I did exactly that in the last CTF. I very much would prefer the Bonus Meter being re-implemented.


That is exactly the problem…there is no strategy to combat the mega coin usage and it’s an instant “I win” button in timed rounds. You simply watch the round timer and at the last 3 minutes, launch a mega attack against whatever team you want to beat…instant win with no counter. but that is not a fun way to play. That is not skill…that’s just common “cents”…(spending money and being half intelligent enough to use it right).

I’ve definitely only seen about 1 positive comment per some hundreds of negatives about them. I get that PG wants to make money…and they should! But they are going about it by unbalancing the game.

My suggestion: (besides get rid of mega coins…) Don’t try to be innovative here, follow a model that works! Make appearance based skins that are purchasable, and that don’t unbalance the game. If you want them to do something more than change the color of/add a special pixel effect to a dragon, allow them to change the dragons element/attack type. Say make a fire dragon a dark based one instead and give it a cool skin or pixel effect or armor look! That would add some flexibility as well, in what riders you could bond to these dragons (since type matters!)…but in the end it doesn’t completely destroy an event’s intended skill balance.


Well I basically agree with everyone of ya above me, the Problem is they just don’t care as some people will always use and Spam Mega coins, so pg Has nothing to change. They seemingly just let us talk while they Count their money from the peeps Who constantly use that bs


Why not meet PG in the middle? They obviously won’t listen to us saying “down with the megacoin!” so we should change our tactic. Mega coins are WAY too powerful and only available to spenders who don’t want to grind out their points. Super attacks are not that popular anymore since they have been trumped by something that scores more and finishes events faster. It also has its own image, unlike the super attack.

Why not get rid of super attacks and scale Mega coins somewhere in between where mega attacks are now and where super attacks are? Mega coins would cost 48 energy and 5 Inner Fires. They would score 1,500 points instead of 3,000(omitting IF used during attack and assuming you are hitting the highest player for 130 points). With Mega Coins currently costing 100 energy and 20 Inner Fire, the decrease in price would almost be by 75%.

This gives the players something to speed up their runs but also lessens the impact of mega attacks in the last few minutes of pvp rounds. In my opinion everyone should be able to afford a single mega attack no matter their level. Megas currently are so hard to get that they are just a luxury for spenders, which obviously make the majority of the playerbase, that doesn’t spend like the top 1%, angry!

Decreasing the value of mega coins should also include reimbursement for those that have mega coins that are being halved in their efficiency. Those with mega coins will get their number of coins trippled. Quadrupling the coins in the possession sounds fair, but how could PG ever be fair?


Yeah I think that would be good, however, they still need to reduce prize costs as it is still a little higher than it was with the bonus meter. 160 attacks using inner fires for 43k points. That is still not balanced.

Though, even though this is a good idea, when has PG done this with meeting their player base in the middle? Maybe once or twice in two years that I can remember…but good idea.


Noooo. Don’t make megas more accessible! It will just make the problem even worse! What are you thinking!

Nerf it’s effect. Make it 15x runs but at same price. That makes it 4x more powerful than a super. But still combatable by non spenders.



MC was introduced because players were complaining events were too much of a grind and they didn’t want to be glued to their devices for four days. This was cited in the MC intro thread on the old forums.

IIRC, nobody asked for a super-super attack to mitigate the problem. What we asked for were shorter events.

Why couldn’t you just shorten events instead of screwing over any/all non-whales, huh PG?

I’mma reiterate this for posterity, because God knows you don’t actually listen for shit:

ditch MC. re-implement the bonus meter. make events shorter.


I totally agree Rebel. Let’s hope PG is listening to those of us who don’t want to spend money all the time. I understand it a business and I am all about sending them money for profit…but it is getting carried away now.


I decided to boycott any pvp event until they remove that stupid mega coin, and I will tell my teammates to do that too, and I hope the other team will do that too. -_-