Mega Coins, negatively impacting the competitiveness for more money


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The failure that some of the team " as replacement" for bonusmeter “and” bonus items are doing, is that the Bonusmeter was = free bonus (activity bonus), and that from chests you was able to win the additional bonus part.

Mega coin is not a replacement, it is just a “stupid” new option .

  • Regular Attack = 100%
  • Super Attack = 80%
  • Mega Coin = 66%

Everyone know that Megacoin is a huge loose looking at energy, isnt it ? And after bonusmeter + bonusitems was gone, the factor of near 2-2,5 was taken away, while the ranking was similar high…
Some last events it was changing within the sigilprizes, but still its a terrible pain compared to before.

Btw. the sigil drop was worse too, but thankfully you gave people the 50% rider path so i thought the choice was better probably.

Anyway , “Megacoin” is bad for most people, it is sadly at some of the worst events …

Hated events , from myself and others was “Tug of war”, and now you designed it a bit different, where it is more anonym , because nobody knows which one took what.

I guess the best solution is to adjust the ranking down, or make it new and better, i really dont used often Megacoin, maybe 3 times during Tug of war , but at all it is a “loose” of energy.

Detailed Document: Current War Dragons & Request (Section 1-5)

So I was putting in work doing attacks near the end of the last round. With 3 minutes left we were in 3rd place looking to move up. 3 attacks came at us simultaneously from 3 different teams, and with 2 minutes left we were suddenly in last place by a wide margin. Thousands of points below the second-to-last team.

So yeah… PG you can shove your megacoin up your ass. All it does is make me not want to try.


If they really wanted to solve the problem of having to do so many hits, they would just let us have the raid button like we have been asking for. Raid button plus bonus meter. Problem solved.
The player base would be happy as clams.


I completely agree this negatively impacts on the outcome of a round. There is no incentive to do well when money is no object to some people.


AH to think there was a time when we had dragon armour to put on dragons and mix and match with… All we can hope for is that in another year or two pg finally goes under from people quiting or getting tired of paying every week to be competitive and we get another sensible owner again.


Mega coins are still crap.


I so agree!! And so does the majority of players!! I have no idea where they get their information!!! But they only care about the big spenders anyway!!! So I’m sure that’s where they got their INFO!!


Wow that is really unfair!!! Smh. I cannot believe how greedy they are!! They are going to run themselves into a game with no player base!!! They will have maybe their diamond teams left, but that’s it. Everyone else is FED UP!!


I like the part where everyone thinks PG gives a shit. unless you stop spending money and start taking the monies spent back, they have zero incentive to make adjustments to the greed structure they are implimenting.

They 100% dont give a shit about f2p or small time spenders. Not one iota of consideration is paid to you. you know why? you dont matter. your just fodder for the big coiners. they cater to the lazy rich who want all the stuff thru money.
and as a business why should they cater to the nonspender? what do you bring to the table for them? nothing hence why we get nothing.

vote with your wallet and stop spending even the money for 2 buildinga and 70% more exp… like thats going to change your world.

i am nearly f2p spent about 80 bucks canadian. regret all 80 bucks. wish i could recall or get it back. but lesson learned.


It became a game to buy victory with money. So bad


Easy to hear you are not in a competitive league.


Do you guys know why PG thinks that 99.9% of people use Mega Coins and therefore like Mega Coins?

Do you remember when they first introduced MC’s, they gave every player 1 freebie that I guess 99.9% of people used it?

That must be the data they are looking at?

Rofl, nicely played PG… Nicely played…


PG’s argument about Megacoins is valid, as there are people that don’t like to spend 4-5 hours grinding… however… they essentially removed the option for players who DO like to grind. If you are one of those grinders, there is no way to still be competitive. I think that is the biggest issue with the elimination of the bonus meter.

Why introduce the megacoin when we still have super attacks?

As Odin pointed out: “160 attacks using inner fires for 43k points. That is still not balanced.”


Then you have the guy claiming he got 44k points without spending, EVER. MmmmHmmm


It’s really not that hard to do…


Okay so it’s been fun venting amongst ourselves. lol
I think it’s time for someone from PG to weigh in on a topic that is clearly very important to the players. There are more posts about this than about anything else on the forum. Not just this thread, but all the ones complaining about the current event that are really complaining about mega coins. Many people I’ve talked to in my Diamond team have lost the desire to participate in major events due to the appearance of mega coins and some are considering boycotting them altogether. Almost all are unhappy with the situation and playing less than usual. So how about it? Are you even considering addressing this??
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Don’t know if you’ve seen this but I think this is all they’ll say on this matter for now.


The mega coin completely ruined the new event. You can attack for 5 hours but if another team uses a couple of mega coins on you in the last 10 mins then your hard work was for nothing. And pg I watched teams do this on every round of this event so I really don’t want your standard answer of we haven’t seen any abuse of the mega coin. Open your eyes pg.


They have opened they’re eyes and are happy with what they see… money flowing in :smile:


just to remind everyone else, since we´ve had These discussions before.
(I won´t search for the link of the old posts since I don´t want a necro-ban again).

  1. PG stated that the members of the Forums are “not representative”. Problems expressed here are not corresponding with “their other data”. From what I´ve understood problem-attention is drawn from ticket data, “opinions” are drawn from social media. So I basically stopped expressing anything in forums since it is a dying channel without relevance.

  2. PG also stated that “the data” about mega-coins speaks for sucess. I´m sorry for being not accurate here (can´t simply remember 100%) but as much as I remember they said that after introducing MegaCoins a significant amount of people scored higher in events then without. I´m 99% sure it also increased Revenue by a “siginifcant amount” --> who knows, maybe they´ll do it again (given the fact that EVERYONE was given out one free MegaCoin in first event any maybe that´s why People scored higher???)

which leads to the conclusion that FUCKING NOTHING will change. No offense, I don´t like it either - just facing the reality.

In the end all we want is “saving lifetime”. Yes, you can buy 100 energy but after playing this game for almost 2 years to me it is IMPOSSIBLE to think of running 25 attacks in a row which takes about 1h. That is just a waste of time. So the answer from PG was (from a Business point of view) incredibly smart: you want points faster? It is possible with super and mega attacks… but it comes with a certain malus. Everyone else still has the chance to achieve high points in Events… it just takes (the most precious good we have:) TIME. So from a Players Point of view it is absolutly crap … but hey, who cares?